Reviews of OASTD

This site was begun July 27, 2009 and quickly grew larger than the author had expected.  Fans have popped out of the woodwork from dozens of countries, some lurking in the background, others commenting.  These are some of the surprisingly lovely reviews of the site received by the author or mentioned at other venues.

“Victoria knows.  I always rely on her for the stuff that matters” – Steve Matchett, SPEED F1 commentator and F1 World Championship-winning mechanic with Michael Schumacher at Benetton –

“For the most insightful commentary on the weird world of F1 I recommend these trusted outlets…’On Any Sunday, These Days’ ” – Phil Charnock

“refreshingly insightful” – John Janota

“a unique voice…writing is clear and entertaining” –

“Lovely site…nice, high quality new motorsport blog” – F1Badger

Gives “out the results with a bit of opinion, a bit of swagger and attitude that no-one else can match” – Rob West


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  1. Victoria, Need contact info for Ian James, Bill Boughan

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