Feel free to contact the author about any subject, whether it be your opinions, questions, or interesting information.  This website is meant to be the best source of up-to-date, quality material about various forms of roadracing, but especially Formula1, MotoGP, and WorldSBK, that it can be.  Be warned: any message sent is subject to the possibility of re-publishing.  Also, constructive criticism is welcomed.  Blanket statements of hate, discrimination, or general idiocy, however, will be not be tolerated and will be removed, mocked mercilessly, or both.

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If you enjoy my take on motorsports or might find me a valuable professional resource (or think I might find you to be a valuable professional resource) please add or contact me at my LinkedIn profile.

After three months of hard work and stealing time from my real job, I have added a function on the right (and below) that allows interested readers to donate to the site. Racing and the coverage thereof can be an expensive proposition. I want to travel to as many events as possible in order to provide you with the best insider information available, but until I gain extra income dedicated to race coverage, my abilities are limited.  Please donate in order to help me maintain great coverage of various roadracing disciplines, if you are able. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the site!



  1. Only 3000?! This is really a very professional site, and I wish you the best. Not really a moto guy, but I have followed F1 since 1960. The internet and sites like this have made it better than ever. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks so much. The great responses I get from fans like you help me keep going. I’ve only being doing this site since the end of July, so the fun hasn’t worn off yet. I hope it never does.

  3. Like the new format very much. Hope you are still having fun!

  4. Wonderful work Ms Reid, keep it coming. You put many of the big boys of racing reportage to shame!

  5. Dear Ms Reid, I am doing some research on the SBK and I am looking fro the managers of Noriyuk Haga and Ben Spies. I publish commemorative Stamp Editions and am looking to start a program. We are also talking with F1 and WRC. Your site is interesting to me and when we start programs I will be looking for bloggers and forum sites to assit me in my marketing.
    Look forward to talking with you .
    Douglas Franklin
    World Editions Inc.
    P.O. Box 4109
    Telluride,Colorado 81435

  6. Awesome ! site everything on wheels . will be back most definitely .

    • Thanks! I saw you’re also following me on Twitter. I appreciate the support. Feel free to email anytime. VMR

  7. Just found this site (through Formula1 Blog). Great stories and design. I have been following F1, ALMS and MotoGP for a very long time so it’s great to see a US based site that feeds us news hungry Americans. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! I write for F1B, and it’s great to have some crossover readers. I’ll do my best!

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