MotoGP Valencia Race Results & Full Report: Lorenzo Wins at Home, Rossi Kisses Yamaha Goodbye

What Happens When the Results Belie the Race

8:54am EST — Jorge Lorenzo won the final grand prix of the 2010 season in convincing fashion, after dropping down the grid on the start, fighting off soon to be former teammate Valentino Rossi, and hunting down pole sitter and race leader Casey Stoner.  Stoner, Rossi, Ben Spies, and Andrea Dovizioso completed the top five, with the latter two having a spirited battle that included sixth-place finisher Marco Simoncelli (who was positioned on the podium for a portion of the race) over that fourth position.  Nicky Hayden crashed out due to, his admitted rider error, while trying to hunt down his one soon to be former teammate Stoner for the lead.  While Lorenzo was planting the Spanish flag in a Valencian gravel trap, Rossi had parked his Yamaha against the Armco to kiss it goodbye.

Stoner won pole during Saturday’s qualifying, holding off Lorenzo as he had done in most of the practice sessions.  It was a relatively uneventful qualifying, with Stoner keeping the pole through the final five minutes after the two had traded it back and forth.  Simoncelli will start third, in the position he held much of the session, with a surprise final run catapulting Rossi from eleventh to fourth.  Hayden, Spies (with an injured ankle), and Edwards will have an American conference on the grid, starting fifth through seventh.  Pedrosa, still recovering from his collarbone, was fifth fastest for a good portion of qualifying, but will start eighth.  Hayden had a good run during the Sunday morning warm-up, beating both Lorenzo and Stoner to be fastest.  Pedrosa and Edwards completed the morning’s fastest five, with Rossi and Spies eighth and ninth, respectively.

The sun was shining brightly as the riders got away cleanly at Valencia, Stoner leading into the first turn, followed by Lorenzo, and Hayden around many bike for third, Pedrosa rammed his way up to send by the third turn, as Rossi dropped back to ninth.  Hayden and Pedrosa had a skirmish over second, but Hayden was just behind his teammate by the end of the first lap.  They were followed by Pedrosa, Simoncelli, Lorenzo, Dovizioso, Spies, Rossi, Melandri, and Barbera.  Lorenzo and Simoncelli were really fighting over fourth, with Simoncelli keeping the position over the man with the shiny helmet.  In the fighting, they touched and Lorenzo nearly went down in the final turn after attempting a move that was too tight to attempt.  Meanwhile, Hayden and Pedrosa were also fighting, which left Hayden kicking the gravel in anger after crashing out from trying to hard to catch Stoner, according to the rider later.  Just three laps in, Stoner led Pedrosa by .724, with Simoncelli, Rossi, Dovizioso, Lorenzo, Spies, Barbera, and Espargaro as the top ten. 

On the fifth lap, Rossi had moved his way up through the field, around Simoncelli for third.  The younger Italian had a look at getting back around, but also had a quickly charging Lorenzo right behind him.  The next lap had some back and forth action from Lorenzo and Simoncelli.  Lorenzo was around Simocelli after a draft down the front straight and a late break into turn one, with Lorenzo free to set off after his teammate.  Stoner still led, with Pedrosa, Rossi, Lorenzo, and Simoncelli the top five.  Pedrosa was quite close to Stoner as the two of them had a bit of a gap on the rest of the field, despite Rossi’s catching up a bit.  By the end of the ninth lap, they had settled down into fast laps close together, but not so much fighting.  Pedrosa was just two tenths behind Stoner, with Rossi another two tenths behind.  Rossi took a dive down the inside on Pedrosa, leaving room for Lorenzo to get through as well.  They immediately began gapping the injured Spaniard.  Lorenzo took second from his teammate on L12, sliding under Rossi.  The top three were very close, with Lorenzo weaving slightly behind Stoner whilst looking for a way around.  The cloud had begun to close in, with no rain, but cooling temperatures.

By the end of the halfway lap of the thirty-lap race, Stoner had just.233 on Lorenzo, who had Rossi .339 behind him.  Pedrosa had dropped back, over three seconds behind Rossi, with Simoncelli completing the top five, more than a second behing Pedrosa, with Dovizioso just two tenths behind.  Lorenzo took a look throughout the lap, but Stoner ran a tiny bit wide out of turn two, though there still wasn’t quite room for Lorenzo to get through on the Australian.  Over the next couple of laps, Lorenzo remained right behind Stoner, with Rossi there as well, until the gap grew to nearly a half second with just ten laps to go.  Rossi was also drifting back from Lorenzo by a tenth here and there, .646 behind by the end of L20.  Lorenzo, though, kept coming back at Stoner as Rossi waited behind.  Pedrosa keep loosing position, dropping back to seventh.  With eight laps left, Lorenzo was under at Mick Doohan corner, Stoner having lost drive out of the first turn, neatly and decisively.  Stoner was waving his leg about to catch Lorenzo back up, but Lorenzo was not to be caught.

Meanwhile, Dovizioso, Simoncelli, and Spies were fighting over fourth, well behind Rossi.  Dovisiozo kept the position after passing on L25, whilst Simoncelli was under attack from Spies.  Spies was under Simoncelli for just a moment, but could not actually keep the position.  Simoncelli performed the same maneuver on Dovizioso, but that opened room for Spies to take position from Simoncelli.  Just a turn later, Spies was through on Dovizioso, but Dovi took fourth back at turn one, though Spies was back through, capitalizing on Dovizioso’s late braking with a better drive into the second turn.  At the front, Lorenzo still led, though he had over a second on Stoner, with Rossi drifting another four seconds back and with a cushion of nearly twelve seconds over the fourth-pace battle.  With two laps left, Lorenzo had almost two seconds on Stoner, while Spies seemed to have broken the battle over fourth with an injured ankle and a scooter ride to the factory Yamaha team in store for him the next day.  The final laps remained the same as everyone settled down, and the 2010 MotoGP season was over, with the previously-crowned champion winning the final race.

Final Positions for the 2010 Grand Prix of Valencia:
1. Lorenzo
2. Stoner +4.576
3. Rossi +8.998
4. Spies +17.643
5. Dovizioso +19.160
6. Simoncelli +20.674
7. Pedrosa +26.797
8. Barbera +29.288
9. Bautista +29.451
10. de Puniet +29.860
11. Espargaro +31.761
12. Edwdards +33.604
13. Melandri +36.622
14. Aoyama +38.968
15. Checa +56.169


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  1. It’s an amazing race. See how Lorenzo can avoid crash after touch Simoncelli’s bike and return to be a winner

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