MotoGP Aragon Results & Full Race Report: Stoner Has Dominant Win While Hayden and Lorenzo’s Fight Offers Good Racing

What Happens When Stoner Wins Again

8:57am EST — Casey Stoner took his first win in 2010 at Motorland Aragon, running away with the race despite a challenge from Jorge Lorenzo on the first lap and dueling lap times with Dani Pedrosa for much of the race.  Pedrosa finished second while Nicky Hayden made it a double podium for Ducati by hunting down and passing Lorenzo on the final lap after fighting with him much of the race.  Another good fight occurred over fifth between Ben Spies and Andrea Dovizioso, with the American having the position on the final lap, and Dovizioso erasing any chance at it by sliding out in the final half of the final lap, allowing Valentino Rossi to gain a position and finish sixth, after running in the latter half of the top five the entire race.  Marco Simoncelli, Alvaro Bautista, and Aleix Espargaro rounded out the top ten.

Stoner won pole for the first Grand Prix of Aragon, beating out a very challenging Lorenzo and Pedrosa, who were second and third fastest in Saturday’s qualifying.  Pedrosa lost a fast lap at the very end by running off the track on his final lap and ruining his chances at pole.  It appeared to be a track for Ducatis to shine, in so much as Hayden had one of his best qualifying practices of the season to qualify fourth, with fellow American and current rookie wunderkind Ben Spies just six hundredths slower in sixth.  Rossi suffered most of the session; he was a fast as fifth and as slow as ninth, but qualified seventh.  Dovizioso, Marco Simoncelli, and Hector Barbera rounded out the top ten.  Loris Capirossi did not compete, nor will he in the race, recovering from his injury at Misano.  Stoner did not have such a dominanting mornign warm-up, crashing out and ending up only sixth fastest, while teammate Hayden was fastest, leading Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Rossi, and Simoncelli as the fastest five in the final practice before the race.

It was a bright and sunny day in Aragon as the riders were off, with Lorenzo taking the lead briefly, but Stoner kept the lead as the riders jostled for position, with Lorenzo and Hayden staying behind.  Spies got a good start, while Pedrosa did not get his usual rocket start and dropped back to fifth, having been balked a bit by Hayden.  Lorenzo took the lead again for a moment, but Stoner did not allow him to stay there.  Hayden had a look on Lorenzo, but couldn’t make the pass as Spies was also challenging Hayden, before Pedrosa was right around the younger American.  Rossi also did not start well, ending the first lap in eight, a position back from where he started, despite being briefly ahead of Spies for fifth.  Pedrosa soon took Spies and fourth, while Stoner had a sixth tenths gap to Lorenzo at the end of L1.  Pedrosa, though, was right around Hayden before the end of that first lap on the back straight.  It was Stoner, Lorenzo, Hayden, Pedrosa, Spies, Simoncelli, Dovizioso, Rossi, Barbera, and de Puniet as the top ten at the end of L1.  By the end of the second lap, Stoner had more than a second on Lorenzo, the came Pedrosa, Hayden, and Spies.  Pedrosa again took the bike in front of him, Loroenzo this time, on the back straight at the end of the second lap for second place.  Still, Stoner’s lead could not be shaken, as he still had 1.3s on Pedrosa at the end of L4. It was not the best lap for Rossi, who lost eighth to Barbera.

Despite challenging Lorenzo for fourth, Hayden could not get around Lorenzo, eventually losing time and dropping back over a second by the end of L4. They progressed this way for multiple laps, as Pedrosa’s gap to Stoner was closing, with both setting very fast laps.  By L8, Stoner had .982 on Pedrosa, with Lorenzo safely three and a half seconds behind, with Hayden continuing his close on the points leader.

Nearly halfway through the race, at the end of L11, it was still Stoner, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Hayden, Spies, Dovizioso, Simoncelli, Rossi, Barbera, and Bautista as the top ten.  Stoner still had around a second on Pedrosa while Lorenzo was over fours seconds behind his countryman for third.  Hayden was just three tenths behind Lorenzo, while the closest men on track were Simoncelli and Rossi, who had just seven hundredths between them.  Rossi was soon around the younger Italian, both with their leathers over their boots, for seventh.  Stoner had a moment that lost him nearly four tenths, but he soon recovered that time on Pedrosa.  They stayed in the same positions for the continued laps, though Pedrosa soon lost some of the time he made up, dropping back to nearly 1.3s behind Stoner again by L13.  Lorenzo, though, was six more seconds behind Pedrosa and Hayden was coming ever closer to the podium, with Spies a second back, followed by Dovizioso and Rossi, who was nine seconds behind Dovizioso and the gap there would only grow, as he dropped back another second over the next two laps.  Hayden was continuing to pressure Lorenzo, but not making any headway beyond dropping the gap.

L15 kept the same order, though the duel on timing and scoring continued as Pedrosa lost a bit more time to Stoner,.  de Puniet also crashed out, though he was uninjured.  With six laps left, the only position change had come from Spies, taking fifth from Dovizioso.  Stoner’s measure of safety back to Pedrosa for the win was up to nearly two seconds, while Lorenzo had continued to drop back, then over seven seconds behind Pedrosa, with Hayden right behind.  It was a right battle for fifth, as Dovizioso did not drop back and kept looking over Spies’ shoulder, and around his knees, though the Italian did not retake the position.  With four laps left, Stoner had more than three seconds on Pedrosa, while behind them Hayden and Lorenzo continued to fight.  Spies was another two and a half seconds behind, with Dovizioso just two tenths behind him.  Rossi, Simoncelli, Barbera, and Bautista rounded out the top ten.

On L20, Hayden was through on Lorenzo, but Lorenzo took it right back, providing some serious entertainment for MotoGP fans.  About two seconds behind them, Spies was still holding off Dovizioso with two laps to go.  Dovizioso keep looking through the middle sectore, sliding his front wheel inside on Spies, but never quite able to get around the rookie and reigning WSBK champion.  On the final lap, Dovizioso looked to have the position on the back straight, but Spies braked back for the position, then went a bit wide to lose the position, then re-took it and kept Dovizioso behind.  Meanwhile, Hayden was continuing to close on Lorenzo and the podium.  They were very, very close, and Hayden took him on the inside very cleanly on turn 15, keeping the position across the line.  Just a bit back, Dovizioso was off on the final lap, while eighth through eleventh was a melange of riders, with Bautista just taking the position at the end.  There was little Pedrosa could do for the lead after dueling laptimes with Stoner for much of the race.

Final Positions for the 2010 Grand Prix of Aragon:
1. Stoner
2. Pedrosa +5.148
3. Hayden +9.496
4. Lorenzo +9.580
5. Spies +13.771
6. Rossi +27.330
7. Simoncelli +28.511
8. Bautista +35.254
9. Melandri +35.393
10. Espargaro +35.467
11. Barbera +35.522
12. Edwards +45.360
13. Aoyama +48.319
14. Kallio +58.047


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