F1: Post-Hungary Penalties Abound

What Happens When Someone Has to Take Charge

8:42pm EST — After the sometimes chaotic, sometimes mundane Hungarian Grand Prix (read the full race report here), the FIA assessed multiple penalties for multiple teams and drivers, all due to bad behavior.  Renault was fined $50,000 on top of the stop-go penalty served during the by Robert Kubica, for releasing the Pole directly into the path of Adrian Sutil, who was pitting into the Force India stall directly ahead of the Renault box.  The two cars were lodged together, ending Sutil’s race then and bringing Kubica back for a stop-go, and forcing his retirement a lap later.  Similarly, Mercedes was fined $50,000 for unsafe release, for releasing Nico Rosberg with the lose wheel that shot off his car and bounced down and through the pit lane, landing on a Williams mechanic and arguably causing the Renault/Force India incident by distracting the Renault lollipop man.  Finally, Michael Schumacher was handed a ten-place grid penalty at the Belgian Grand Prix, the next race after the summer break, for his heavy handed driving whilst attempting to keep former Ferrari teammate Rubens Barrichello behind.  The German lost the position anyway, but nearly forced Barrichello into the pit wall on the front straight, with all four of the Brazilian’s wheels (with half of the width of the left side tires) on the wrong side of the white line, and then across the pit exit into the grass.  Many paddock notaries called for one race ban, or similarly more harsh penalty, with Barrichello himself angrily suggesting Schumacher be black-flagged on the radio after the incident.



  1. Crikey Vic, that entire weekend in one paragraph?

    Well, it’s been a long one, we’ll let you off.

    • Silly boy, just read the 2000+ word race report below it…and the quali and practice ones below that. Figured that everyone would already know by now, so it’s just a short one 😉

  2. Schumee was disgraceful, nothing less than a black flag. He needs to know how dangerous he is. Arrogance is no excuse.

    Lollypop men – why cant they do their job. We could all see it coming with eveyone in the pits at once.

    A bad two weeks for F1 image? Does Bernie care?

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