F1: Contents of USF1 Factory Up For Auction, Starting Today

What Happens When It’s Sadder Than You Thought It’d Be

9:01am EST — Starting Thursday, in about an hour and a half (9:30am CST), the contents of the USF1 factory will be put up for auction.  While questions remain about just what happened and is still happening to the entity that didn’t make this season, and some public faces of the team-that-almost-was still have not publicly said anything or anything worthwhile, one can go get a bit of memorabilia and useful tools through the auction, which is apparently being held both in Charlotte, NC and online at this site.

Just about anything one could think of is listed through the online area of the auction, from desktop PCs to shopvacs and granite boardroom tables and chairs.  There are even “KITCHEN ROOM TABLES & CHAIRS WITH TOASTERS (NO MICROWAVE OR REFRIGERATORS),” though the two toasters shown do not appear to be those of legend and joke.  The paintings of older F1 cars, as seen in the YouTube videos and on SPEED, are up for grabs as well.  There seems to be an abundance of office equipment and various equipment required to build the parts of F1 cars, even blocks of titanium and granite surface plates.  Also, simple hand tools and spanners.  Still, the saddest lot has to be the single unopened bottle of champagne, pictured behind a locked cabinet door.

There was a lot of poking fun at and serious questions about USF1, much of it deserved, but seeing the bits and pieces of the team that tried to represent so many dreams to even the most grounded fans and the entire team staff is a sobering experience.  Still, the auction begins soon, so grab that memento you always wished you’d had.


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