F1 Turkey Quali Results and Full Report: Webber on Pole Again, Hamilton Splitting the Bulls & Alonso Out in Q2

What Happens When Red Bull Gives You Wings

8:07am EST — Mark Webber won another pole on an overcast and windy day in Istanbul, keeping Lewis Hamilton behind him on their final laps in Q3 and the Red Bull qualifying dominance intact.  Sebastian Vettel will start third with a time a half second slower than his teammate, despite new chassis Randy Mandy; with Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher the top five.Schumacher kept his fifth (ahead of teammate Nico Rosberg in sixth) despite a spin and getting stuck in the gravel at Turn 8 on his own last lap and ruining the possible times for those behind him.  Fernando Alonso was unable to make it to Q3, having a severe wiggle at Turn 12 with one lap’s time left in Q2.  His Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa will start eighth on Sunday, despite his soft tires.

Vettel posted the fastest time at the end of the final practice session before qualifying, joined by Rosberg in beating Hamilton’s previously faster time.  Hamilton had a bad spin at Turn 8 into the gravel, which destroyed his tires, though he was able to set a fast time after returning to the circuit, despite being pipped by Vettel and Rosberg, ending the session third.  Webber seemed to have continued issues a la Friday, with his throttle acting up after the (old, according to Red Bull) engine gave way at the end of FP2, ending the session fourth, with Kubica, Alonso, Schumacher, Button, Massa, and Petrov the top ten.  Otherwise, it was a standard Turkish practice session, with drivers caught out by Turn 8, but generally unaffected.

It was the Virgin Racing and Lotus drivers first out in Q1, soon followed by half of the field, notably with Ferrari the first front-running team out in Q1, both Massa and Alonso on hard tires.  Five minutes into the twenty minute session had Vettel and Webber still in the garage, along with the Renaults.  Button’s early fast time was faster than those in the Friday practices, but still seven tenths off of Vettel’s morning practice time.  The Red Bulls seemed to find their pace after the aforementioned glitches, with Vettel and Webber leading with seven minutes left in the session.  No one shocking was in the knockout zone, though Liuzzi’s presence might have been a bit unsettling for Force India, who have been a presence in Q2 and Q1 so far this season.

With five minutes left, nearly everyone was back into the garage before P 10-24 trickled back onto the circuit for their final laps of Q1.  Ferrari, with Alonso and Massa ninth and tenth, respectively, noted on Twitter, “Now we wait if someone can improve from the back with soft tyres, ready to go in order to be safe for Q2.”  Sutil did so, moving into tenth and splitting the red cars, with his teammate still in the knockout zone at the end of the first qualifying session.  Vettel still led Webber, Button, Petrov, Rosberg, Hamilton, Schumacher, Kubica, Alonso, and Sutil as the fastest ten.  Red Bull had a comment on the handling of other teams, “judging by how Senna’s working the wheel, you couldn’t make the HRT tougher to drive if you dropped a cobra into the cockpit.”

Knocked Out in Q1:
18. Liuzzi 1:28.958
19. Trulli 1:30.237
20. Kovalainen 1:30.519
21. Glock 1:30.744
22. Senna 1:31.266
23. di Grassi 1:31.989
24.Chandhok 1:32.060

Button, Vettel, and Kubica were the first out in the second section of qualifying, with much of the rest of the field following.  Alonso started the session on soft tires, as did Massa soon after.  One third in and only Kobayashi was still in the garage, with twelve drivers having posted a time.  Hamilton let Webber, Vettel, Kubica, and Schumacher as the top five as Alguersuari, Barrichello, Hulkenberg, Rosberg, Petrov, de la Rosa, and Kobayashi were in the knockout zone.  Vettel soon outpaced Hamilton by being the first driver into the 1:26s for the weekend as Alonso was tenth fastest with Rosberg in the knockout zone.  Kobayashi moved up, putting Alonso into the knockout zone with about six minutes left in Q2.  The Saubers were the only cars on the circuit at that point.

Just under five minutes to go and only Schumacher was lapping, soon joined by Massa, then Alonso.  Drivers began returning to the circuit, barring those placed 12 through 17.  As Ferrari noted, “Both drivers went out again on soft tyres for their final run. It will be a tough end of Q2.”  Everyone was out with two minutes to go.  Webber looked to be about to set a very fast lap as Alonso had a wiggle at Turn 12 the end of his lap, with time left for only one more to get him out of Q2.  Webber did take a tenth off teammate Vettel at the top of the timesheets as the time of tenth place Kobayashi became the all-important benchmark.  Vettel took fastest, as Alonso did not find any more speed, posting only the twelfth fastest lap.  Teammate Massa was fifth.  Vettel led Webber, Hamilton, Rosberg, and Massa as the fastest five.  Kobayashi and Petrov made it through to Q3 as well.  Alguersuari made the break before Q3 necessary, having stopped on the track after a valiant effort to displace Schumacher in tenth.

Knocked Out in Q2:
11. Sutil 1:27.535
12. Alonso 1:27.612
13. de la Rosa 1:27.879
14. Buemi 1:27.273
15. Barrichello 1:28.392
16. Alguersuari 1:28.540
17. Hulkenberg 1:28.841

Kubica was the first out in Q3, soon followed by much of the rest of the ten-man field.  Halfway through the ten minutes and Webber had taken the leading time from Hamilton after Vettel failed to do so.  A minute later and only Petrov and Kobayashi remained on the circuit as the others prepare for the fight for pole, with only time for one lap available to each.  Webber, then Hamilton posted the fastest of all S1 times, with Vettel quite behind.  Hamilton then lost five tenths to Webber in S2, as Webber bettered his earlier lap time.  Hamilton did not trump him on his final lap, as Vettel and Button dove into the pits with yellow flags flying for Schumacher, beached in the gravel at Turn 8.  Webber kept his pole, and the Red Bull qualifying dominance for the 2010 season intact.

Final  Qualifying Positions for the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix:
1. Webber 1:26.295
2. Hamilton 1:26.433
3. Vettel 1:26.760
4. Button 1:26.781
5. Schumacher 1:27.857
6. Rosberg 1:27.952
7. Kubica 1:27.039
8. Massa 1:27.082
9. Petrov 1:27.430
10. Kobayashi 1:28.122


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