F1: Vettel Gets a New Chassis, Luscious Liz Replaced at Red Bull

What Happens When Seb Needs a New GF

5:35pm EST — Sebastian Vettel won’t be relying on his original 2010 chassis, nicknamed “Luscious Liz” by the young German, for Turkey in just over a week.  According to team principal Christian Horner in an Autosport article, “Vettel experienced some handling peculiarities with his current chassis during the Monaco GP. Upon further investigation a small defect was found on his chassis, which will be replaced for the next race in Turkey.”  While Vettel has stayed with the same chassis (number 3 in the team’s designations) so far this season, teammate Mark Webber has changed, using chassis number 2 in Bahrain and number 4 for the other races so far this season, which include his most recent back-to-back wins in Barcelona and Monaco.

There are all sorts of theories to be derived from this tidbit of information.  Not knowing the internal dynamics at the team, I do find it hard to speculate why precisely there was such a “detailed investigation into the car Vettel has used all season,” as Autosport put it.  Vettel has been considered a wunderkind of the kind to challenge Michael Schumacher, but he has had a distractingly terrible race season so far, with car malfunctions stripping him from the lead in Bahrain and Australia, critically broken brakes in Barcelona, and Webber’s resurgence in the team.

Of course, with the failures Vettel has had, it makes perfect sense for the team, in the first bit of non-travel-interrupted free time they had, to take an incredibly close look at the car and see what was wrong.  Still, what might be the most entertaining thing to come out of the chassis change is a name change as well.


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  1. This has got to be a face saving move for Vettel. He set the fastest lap of the race in Monaco and now they claim the chassis is damaged. Common, Red Bull can come up with a better story than this.

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