F1 News: Flav Can Come Back, Schumacher Joins GPDA, F1 Trailers For Sale

What Happens When Some News Finally Occurs

12:02am EST — The FIA posted a press release filled with legalese essentially saying that Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds can return to F1 in 2013, Michael Schumacher joined the GPDA again, and some former BrawnGP trailers that were sold to USF1 are being sold on eBay.

Briatore Can Return to a F1 “Operational Role” in 2013, the Paddock in 2012:
Once the lines had been read between in the latest FIA press release regarding the 2008 Singapore race-fixing scandal and subsequent WMSC and court cases, one would learn that the FIA has dropped its appeal to the French court case that was an appeal by Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds of their lifetime bans from F1 and the paddock of any FIA sanctioned event, and that Briatore and Symonds will be allowed to return after agreeing to “abstain from having any operational role in Formula One until 31 December 2012, as well as in all the other competitions registered on the FIA calendars until the end of the 2011 sporting season.”  While both expressed regrets as to the instances, only Symonds has taken public personal responsibility for the deliberate crash by driver Nelson Piquet, Junior, as Briatore only takes responsibility “as ‘Team Principal’ of Renault F1.”  Also, new FIA procedures will result, so that the French courts will no longer be able to overturn WMSC judgments on procedural grounds.

Schumacher Re-Joins GPDA:
After, according to a spokesperson, some serious discussions with Felipe Massa, Michael Schumacher has rejoined the Grand Prix Drivers Association he helped found.  Early on, after the seven-time world champion’s announcement that he would return to F1 racing, Schumacher said, as quoted in an Autosport article, “I’m not intending [to join]. After all the years I have been involved in setting it up they guys have been doing a good job for three years. I don’t think they need me. And as I’m not here for the long-term future, only for a limited time, I don’t think I should get involved.”  Monday, his spokesperson said, “at first Michael was hesitant to join as he did not want to be involved again. But after some thoughts and discussions, mainly with Felipe Massa, he reconsidered this initial decision and will now be a silent member.”  One has to wonder what that conversation was like, and if it happened during one of Schumacher’s many, much-discussed visits to Ferrari hospitality during testing or the first couple of races.

USF1/BrawnGP Trailers For Sale in Debtor Auction on eBay:
While much of the motorsports media is making hay over the sale of some F1 trailers, as described by Autosport as, “Two of US F1’s trailers have been seized under a High Court order issued by a UK creditor and have been put up for sale on auction website eBay…Now two of the team’s trailers, bought from Brawn GP, have been put up for sale to the highest bidder.”  The actual eBay auction ad explains that

In accordance with law, the seized goods as detailed above will be sold to the highest bidder.
You are viewing one (of two) ex-Formula One Motorsport Trailers for sale without reserve.
All bids are for the trailer only.
As stated above, the trailer was previously owned by Brawn GP and this trailer is currently sign written with their logo and the name Jenson Button 22 on the side. This may infringe on copyright and/or trademark law and it is recommended the purchaser removes this livery upon collection.

Personally, it seems to be of more interest that this trailer is labeled with Jenson Button and his F1 car number for his championship-winning season.  Whether or not BrawnGP used it might be up for debate, though their budget would suggest that there was not a spare trailer.  The fact that USF1 has had some equipment seized is also interesting, to put it lightly.


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