MotoGP: Fiat Yamaha Outdoes Rossi With Twitter, Facebook, Livebloggers, etc.

What Happens When Even the World Champion Only Got Email Recently

1:16pm EST — While much joking has been made over the fact that Valentino Rossi has not exactly been the proponent of social media other racers (notably teammate Jorge Lorenzo, found answering fan questions all the time here on Twitter) have been, his employers have been employing an interesting source of “insider” information.  The Fiat Yamaha team have employed a host of “livebloggers” to post news and updates, and most importantly, stories about the life in the pitlane.  The team itself is now on Twitter and Facebook.  It appears as though the team is the first in the MotoGP paddock to embrace social media with this much verve, and a good thing for fans it is, too.  More information is available, including other venues of following the behind-the-scenes information, at the Fiat on the Web website.  Also, friend of On Any Sunday, These Days, editor of, David Emmett, is a guest blogger for the opening round of the championship, Qatar, this weekend.


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  1. @Victoria, thank you for the nice post: we hope to show the best from the pits and the paddock!

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