F1 News: Team Officials Speak Out

What Happens When They Say Some Standard and Interesting Things

12:02am EST — In the days after the Malaysian GP but before the Chinese GP, various team principals and officials have been speaking to the press, as they are wont to do.  While much of it has been quite typical, a few comments do seem to spice things up.

Brawn Says Radar for Quali Was Clear:
In quite a long speech from Mercedes GP team principal Ross Brawn on ITV.com, he admitted that many of the teams relied too much on their radar, causing some of the upside-down qualifying in Malaysia,

[The radar] was so definitive that there wouldn’t be any rain for the rest of the session. I think what happened was that because of the mountains here, some of the clouds disappear before they go over the mountains, then when they get to the other side they re-form and dump on the circuit. You’d think we’d all just go out and put in a lap as insurance, and then just wait for conditions to develop – and I’m sure that’s what will happen next time. Putting an insurance lap in would be the sensible thing. If we go with the technology, we’ve got something to blame. If we go on our own intuition, then we’re the ones at fault, and so we tend to grasp at straws a little bit.

Whether the reader thinks that Brawn is looking for an excuse or taking his lumps is up for debate, but Williams driver Rubens Barrichello was pretty clear on his thoughts about the rain debacle, “top teams do rely a little bit too much on the computers, and sometimes it’s a little bit too late.”

Fry Adds Interest to Typical Commentary:
In a typical post-race interview with Autosport, Mercedes CEO Nick Fry did mention one important fact about the returning Michael Schumacher, “Michael is, for me, quite remarkable. Even this weekend, the level of feedback that he gives is something that I have never seen before – and that is just not in the debriefs. When you have the headphones on you hear amazing things – and in qualifying he was driving around almost giving a commentary. The FIA, who also listens, was also very impressed that a driver can do that.”  While there have been quite a lot of questions about Schumacher’s return and his near constant out-qualification by teammate Nico Rosberg, this high level of quality in feedback is something from the world champion that cannot be discounted.


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