F1 News: Webber Not to Retire, Bridgestone Looks to the Future

What Happens When the News Keeps on Not Coming

1:38am EST — Driver drama and Bridgestone’s tire selections for the next few Grands Prix make up the news from Australia. oh, yes, and there was a shark sighting near a watery PR event for the Force India drivers, though no one was hurt, not even the shark.

Webber Not to Retire, Despite Hamilton’s Claims:
Earlier, Lewis Hamilton had suggested, as reported by Top Gear, to the Australian media that Mark Webber could well retire at the end of the 2010 season.  “I don’t know how long he plans to stay in Formula 1, but I get the sense that it’s one of the years he wants to finish on top and perhaps call it a day. He has the best chance to end on that high this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is considering it,” said Hamilton.  Webber responded, as quoted by an Autosport article, “I have no intention of retiring give or take whatever season I have.”  The whys and wherefores of such a statement by Hamilton are many and the original context is unknown.  Still, some interesting byplay early in the season, especially with the Red Bulls generally considered a faster car than the McLarens.

Bridgestone Releases Tire Selections Through the Turkish GP:
According to a release on the Bridgestone website, the Formula1 teams will be using the following tire allocations for the first third of the season:

Grand Prix Super Soft Soft Medium Hard
Bahrain X X
Australia X X
Malaysia X X
China X X
Spain X X
Monaco X X
Turkey X X

With luck, these selections will change the tire degradation amongst the teams, leading to more pitstops and differences in tire wear, which might allow for more overtaking.


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