F1 News: Monza to Host GP Through 2016, McLaren Buys Out Most of Mercedes’ Team Share

What Happens When There’s a Week Between the 1st and 2nd Race

12:26am EST — For the start to the 2010 season, Formula1 news has been of the slow variety.  An historic track will remain on the schedule until 2016 and McLaren has bought out Mercedes’ 40% stake in it’s team.

Monza Contracted to Host a GP Through 2016:
According to Claudio Vigano, head of the Monza circuit’s controlling company SIAS, “The Italian Grand Prix will be at Monza until 2016. The extension of the contract has been signed,” in a Reuters article.  While FOM chief Bernie Ecclesonte has been trumpeting the idea of a Roman street circuit, even saying back in January that “an agreement had been signed to hold a grand prix in Rome in the coming years.”  Still, fans of the historic tracks that seem to be the main opportunities for exciting racing in F1 recently, will be happy to note that Monza will continue to host the Italian GP for the next few years, at least.

McLaren Buys Out Most of Mercedes’ Stake in the Team:
In no great surprise, McLaren has bought out most of Mercedes’ forty percent stake in the Formula1 team.  Martin Whitmarsh downplayed the German car company’s stake in the team in a Reuters article, “I think it is about 11 percent that is still owned by Mercedes, but it’s not an important or significant number.”  It has long been known that McLaren would buy out some or all of the title sponsor’s share in the team after Mercedes took over the former Brawn GP as a factory team for this season.  Also according to the article, “Mercedes will continue to supply the Formula One team with engines until at least 2015.”  The two companies are also competitors off-track as well, with McLaren having recently released their own supercar to be released next year, in direct competition with Ferrari and the Mercedes SLR supercar McLaren built for the German company.


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