F1 News: New Prosecution Procedures, Macca Wing Approved, Prost a Steward at Bahrain, Renault Adds Sponsors

What Happens When the News Starts Flowing Again

12:11am EST — With the first race-weekend practice of the 2010 Formula1 season to begin in less than two hours time, the news from the F1 community has begun to flow again, with new prosecution procedures from the FIA, the McLaren’s wing design approved, Alain Prost a steward for this weekend’s race in Bahrain, and additional sponsors for Renault.

F1A Clarifies Prosecution:
In a press release detailing the subjects covered at this week’s WMSC meeting in Bahrain, the FIA explained that,

The FIA President exercises the function of prosecution. He conducts the inquiries and decides to bring a matter before the judging body of the WMSC when he considers that there is reason to do so.
The judging body of the WMSC is made up of all the Council members with the exception of any member who has taken part in the inquiry or investigation. It is chaired by the FIA Deputy President for Sport.
Any decision of the judging body is taken in the absence of the FIA President, the reporter, and any person who has taken part in any way whatsoever in the inquiry or investigation.
Any disciplinary decision of the World Council is subject to appeal before the FIA International Court of Appeal.

They also noted that, “With regard to the USF1 team’s non-participation in the 2010 championship, the World Council mandated the FIA President, in full compliance with the new code of practice for disciplinary matters, to take forward the most appropriate action.”  In essence, the WMSC has asked, as is it’s right, Jean Todt to bring forth the appropriate prosecution for not participating in the 2010 season and violating the Concorde Agreement.

Whiting Approves McLaren Rear Wing:
According to an article on the ITV website, “Whiting proceeded to approve McLaren’s design, clearing it to participate in this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix,” and, essentially, ending any rumors or complaints about the legality of said wing, which Red Bull’s Christian Horner had suggested that “the layout of McLaren’s engine cover, airbox and rear wing ‘stalled’ the airflow around the wing in a manner not permitted by the rules.”

Alain Prost Added to Stewards This Weekend:
With the new make-up of the stewards’ panel at each race including a “drivers’ representative,” there has been much discussion of which former F1 driver will be said representative for each race weekend.  This weekend, Alain Prost will assume that duty, according to an article at Autosport.  The four-time world champion will scrutinize the on-track action and work with the other stewards to hand out penalties to drivers and teams for the season opening race.

Renault Adds Sponsors to 2010 Car:
In two press releases on Wednesday and Thursday, Renault announced partnerships with both HP and MOV’IT.  Both deals bring much-needed cash to the French-owned, English-based team.  The HP deal will be for both this season and the next, providing branding on the cars for the technology company and “access to HP technology in order to further boost on-track performance, develop more powerful digital simulation technologies using HP High Performance Computing servers, and gain access to innovative market-leading tools such as the High Definition HP SkyRoom videoconferencing system” for the team, along with a strategy to decrease the racing team’s carbon footprint.
The MOV’IT sponsorship adds branding on the cars as well, and brings the brake company forward in awareness, as “it is a hard task to stop F1 cars on a dime. Our high demands on material quality, intense research and perfect craftsmanship combine well with Formula 1,” according to Frank Scherer, CEO of MOV´IT.  Of course, Renault does not actually use MOV’IT brakes.


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