F1: What Will This Season Bring?

What Happens When There’s No News

12:02am EST — With one week (or less than, really, when you look at the time and note that the race will be over for a few hours by now) left until Formula1 racing properly returns to our television screens, hearts, and the track, I’ve been unduly excited.  Then, of course, I stop to think.  Last year, there were many who charged the series with too little overtaking and not enough exciting racing, particularly when the Brawns were hugely dominant early in the season.  This has been an off-season marked by quite a lot of drama, having had the possibility of four new teams, the takeover of a couple of returning teams, a new FIA president, and much public discussions (to put the phrase nicely) between those in charge of various levels of the F1 community.

So, I have to wonder, will the drama on-track stand up to the drama off-track?  Michael Schumacher has returned.  That’s pretty good for some excitement, though we have gotten used to seeing him in Mercedes silver instead of Ferrari red at the test sessions.  Have the drivers who haven’t driven against him gotten used to his presence, though?  Will someone (as I think SJ suggested) become a fanboy just behind Michael and end up not pushing hard enough against the legend for fear or over-thinking?  or, will he end up a target of every young driver hoping to prove himself against the benchmark for Formula1 excellence?

Many drivers have changed teams, there are five drivers (Nico Hulkenberg, Vitaly Petrov, Karun Chandhok, Bruno Senna, and Lucas di Grassi) who have never raced in a Formula1 Grand Prix, three new teams (one of which hasn’t participated in any pre-season testing), and no more re-fueling.  For all the inexperience of the grid this season, there is also an abundance of experience, with four world champions with eleven championships between them, and decades of F1 experience in many of the other drivers.  The season will begin in Bahrain in one week’s time with twenty-four men and machines jockeying for one apex, but how will it end?  and, what will happen between the two?  Right now, it’s anyone’s guess, but soon enough there will be champagne and celebrations and another season over.  Let’s savor the anticipation with the firm belief that each season can be better than the last. [published from the author’s previously published weekly column at Formula1Blog]


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