F1: Barcelona Testing Day 1: Webber Fastest, By Nearly a Second

What Happens When There’s Better Coverage at F1B

11:31am EST — My colleague at Formula1Blog, Mark Hallam, has been at today’s Formula1 test session in Barcelona, and will soon be posting coverage from the event over at F1B.  Until then, though, here are the lap times and a bit of what happened today during the beginning of the final pre-season test:

1. Mark Webber, Red Bull, 1:21.487, 109 Laps
2. Nico Hulkenberg, Williams, 1:22.407, 81 Laps
3. Nico Rosberg, Mercedes GP, 1:22.514, 107 Laps
4. Pedro de la Rosa, Sauber, 1:23.144, 73 Laps
5. Jenson Button, McLaren, 1:23.452, 100 Laps
6. Tonio Liuzzi, Force India, 1:24.064, 64 Laps
7. Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, 1:24.170, 74 Laps
8. Vitaly Petrov, Renault, 1:24.173, 73 Laps
9. Jaime Alguersuari, Toro Rosso, 1:24.869, 111 Laps
10. Lucas di Grassi, Virgin Racing,  1:27.057, 31 Laps
11. Fairuz Fauzy, LotusF1, 1:28.002, 76 Laps

Usually, Twitter is an excellent source of information from the teams as testing occurs.  Today, not as much.  Red Bull was particularly quiet as Webber led the timesheets for much of the day.  Williams, however, had PR woman Claire Williams on-scene and she provided extreme amounts of pictures from the session, as well as noting near the end of the session, where driver Nico Hulkenberg set the second fastest time, “The boys are doing some work on Nico’s car so we’re in the garage. When we do go out, he’ll be doing set-ups, systems checks & aero work.”  She also mentioned that “Renault are doing a lot of pitstop practices,” presumably so that rookie driver Vitaly Petrov will be comfortable for the race in two weeks’ time.

Autosport noted that crowd favorite Fernando Alonso, “stopped on track shortly before 10.25am with a suspected electronic problem, and he did not re-emerge until just before the lunch break…In the afternoon, Alonso got his lap tally up to 74 as he focused on long runs – never bothering with the low fuel stints that would have moved him up the timesheets.”  Virgin Racing again had a spare parts issue after Lucas di Grassi crashed the car, damaging the rear end and forcing th team to wait for extra parts to be flown in for tomorrow.  Expect more analysis Friday, and a complete comparison of the four day’s times Sunday.



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