Finally Available: Interviews From the Rolex 24 at Daytona

What Happens When You Record a Few Questions and Answers

12:31am EST — Now available at Formula1Blog, “The Rolex 24 Interviews” are my interviews with drivers Scott Pruett, Sebastian Bourdais, Ian James, Jeff Westphal, and Chris Dyson, and Lola’s US head of marketing, Steve Charsley, all wrapped up and analyzed in a F1B Downshift episode.  For a behind-the scenes look at the race, check out “Behind the Scenes at Starworks Motorsport” and “Images From the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.”  Look for further driver interviews from the event and driver profiles of Ian James, Jeff Westphal, Jeff Blackmun, and Matt Bell in the near future.

For the entirety of the On Any Sunday, These Days/Formula1Blog Rolex 24 at Daytona Twitter coverage (tweets and links to the pictures posted), please click the read further link just below.  The tweets appear in chonological order, from arriving at Daytona International Speedway on Thursday morning to the end of the race Sunday afternoon.

In the Speedway, parked, waiting for the ability to actually head toward the garages. Pictures to follow.

Inside the track, with the rest of the fans who will be camping here for the rest of the week… – Inside Daytona IMS – More @ Daytona – One last morning picture… #rolex – VMR hospitality unit 🙂

As a note, if it’s an unlabeled pic, it a car or from the pit lane…so check all the pictures! – Gainsco – Practice about to start…#rolex

Seb. Bourdais is a fast walker…just sayin’ will try more for a pic later. #rolex – Juan Pablo Montoya #rolex – Brumos tool kit…big boy toy 🙂 #rolex – 1st prac. Franchitti brake change #rolex – Gainsco set-up tires #rolex – Transmission change #rolex

Good advice from ganassi crew…cars going by on the banking make a great ringtone – #95 after an off #rolex – Bourdais sighting @ sister car #rolex

Luhr was driving #99. Is ok, as seen in pic w/Bourdais. Johnson driving crashed Gainsco, also ok. #rolex – Unhappy Gainsco rear wing #rolex – What the rear wing should look like #rolex – Post practice tech inspection #rolex

Stallings: #99 team going to backup car for the Rolex 24. Chassis twisted in morning incident. #RolexSeries – Hard working marshal during practice

Quali over: Angelelli on pole for Sun Trust

Fyi: about 2 seconds after he got out, a crew member asked ‘is that all you got?’ it was either his fast time or his celebrations…

Just finished an interview with DP driver Ian James…watching the cars under the lights is even more beautiful than the daylight. – Rebuilding rear end after off #rolex – What now?! Gainsco fixing continues – Jimmie Johnson watchingthe rebuilding…

My F1B take on Rolex Daytona Day 1: Johnson and Luhr crash, Angelelli starts on pole @formula1blog

#Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona: Thursday is Practice and Quali Day

GAINSCO car on track…car fixed overnight. 1st prac. Friday underway. #rolex – Pretty equals fast #rolex – Tires anyone? #rolex

There are, apparently, tour groups you can join to explain the pits @ #rolex to you… – 1st Friday prac. Garage area #rolex – Brumos Porche: last year’s winners #rolex – Starworks motorsport #rolex

Just spoke with Sebastian Bourdais who loves Le Mans, but really appreciates the atmosphere at historic tracks, no matter what he’s driving. – Hot pit, Continential Tire race #rolex

Heard today #rolex ‘I did something today I’ve never done: stood on the Daytona pit lane!’ (w/stereotypical NASCAR accent) great atmosphere

Race Day…it’s a long one, but keep watching here for updates and pictures

For my AMA motorcycle fans: have been standing next to Al Luddington for 5 min and heard f#(k about 5 times…just inspired a chuckle. – Pre-race fueling #rolex – Porsche bodywork #rolex – Driver change prac. #rolex

Oh, by the way, it keeps spitting rain… – DP bodywork #rolex – A little fueling #rolex spilled it later – In the garage #rolex – Looks like rain #rolex – Brake fluid check #rolex – Garage access is garage access #rolex – Interview w/driver Matt Bell later rolex

It’s raining. Not pouring (yet) but raining quite a lot. #rolex

Pouring rain now…very wet start – Rain on grid #rolex

Fav moment of #rolex Max Papis running into another pit for … Zip ties. Race starts in 10.

Start under caution…still raining pretty heavily – In the pit. Still yellow for rain #rolex – Starworks mtrsprt 7 p pit. Watching SPEED

Caution. Abt to pit here in the Starworks Motorspots pit. No driver change. – First stop of many #rolex – 24 hrs of food and drink #rolex

About to do a driver change…fun and fascinating stuff. #rolex

Ian James about to bring in the 7 Starworks Motorsport DP and hand off to young Dion von Moltke…pic to follow. #rolex – Driver change #rolex

Beginning to get dark out…still overcast but the rain seems to be stopped. Everything is quite racy for still being two hours and change. – Booth in pit #rolex – Driver change 2 #rolex #starworks

Sorry that I’ve become a 1-woman Starworks Motorsports Twitter feed, but they’re kind enough to let me stay 🙂 – Ian James about to return to the car #rolex

I wouldn’t want to be the speedtv cameraman…he’s walked back and forth 3 times in about 10 minutes. – New front bodywork. Waiting. #rolex

Starworks car was spun into by the Menard’s…in for bodywork removal, back out to save a lap and back in again in a minute. #rolex

Back out now. Still chaotic in the pit but the field will race again from the next time around

Looks like it’s to the garage for a bit for the 7.

While remaining in the pit, I can update the field…Montoya, Allmendinger, Dalziel, Bourdais, Rojas top five.

Fireworks show 1/3 if the way through a race?! What?

7 has been back out for a few laps. No caution-inducing instances since…yet. #rolex

Seems like the racing has settled down for the night. Crews are bunking down for some rest btwn stops and the cars have spread out a bit.

Writing my #Rolex article even though it’s not over. This is the quiet time conducive to writing and the winning of endurance racing.

Heading to sleep proved fortuitious: Montoya brings in the Ganassi w/an engine ‘not running right’

Montoya’s out of the car and the crew is doing quite a bit of standing around. #rolex

That would be the 02 Chip Ganassi car out of the ’10 #rolex

It feels like blasphemy, but that’s me done for tonight. See you before the sun rises! Many thanks to the Starworks Motorsports DP! #rolex – 77 #rolex in garage

More good timing. Back in the garage just as the Doran Racing 77 DP pulls into the garage. flurry of activity (as the last pic shows) #rolex – New vs. Old tires (left right) #rolex

PS sorry for the late start. So cold I didn’t want to leave the truck. Beautiful sunrise and clear then. Overcast and windy now. #rolex

Reminder for all my @formula1blog Sunday column fans, it’s going to be a bit late today. #rolex coverage (5hrs45mins left) is a bit more pressing

Crown Royal XR 60 also in garage…pic to follow. #rolex

Fascinating info 4 f1 fans: team kit is not nearly so homogenized. Driver w/different suits, crew members’ shoes don’t always match #rolex – Waiting to go home #rolex

Sad to see 7 back to the garage glad to not be in the way in the pit. #rolex

Phone battery not up to 24 hours+ charging then more pic updates

Starworks out…cracked the engine box. No fix. Also Brumos 59 may be out too. #rolex – Front bodywork damage #rolex – So cold the sticker’s still on’em #rolex

There’s that chapter closed. On to the rest of the season for Starworks. More #rolex news to follow.

Gainsco on apron, much activity @ the garage behind the wall. Also team looks sad. Is anybody going to finish? #rolex

Car not here yet, but driver helmets being returned to transporter. That’s the Gainsco (currently driven by Vasser) out. #rolex – Brought in by truck #rolex

Great to stand at the horseshoe and watch the 9 catch up the 01. It’s a noticably dwindling gap #rolex – Reduced to ch2ging phone in ladies’ room

Less than 2 hours left in the #rolex, still top 3 cars within 3 laps of each other.

So many teams are packing up and everyone has a runny nose from the cold, but barring cash or mechanical failure the race looks to go to the end.

In DP alone, Gainsco, 02 Ganassi, Brumos Porsche, Starworks Mtrsprts, Menards all out.

Better add the 55 Crown Royal to the list of DP cars out (Bourdais on the driver list there) #rolex

1.5 hrs left. 9 and 01 on same lap again. #rolex

Less than a minute btwn first and second with 1.5 hours left #rolex.

Low battery, folks. Slowing volume of texts so I can be here @ the end. #rolex

Bob Varsha is so cool, he wears sunglasses even when it’s overcast. #rolex

RolexSeries Barbosa over Pruett by 55.798 seconds with 1 hour, 9 minutes left.

48 deg F here, another second off the gap btwn Barbosa and Pruett #rolex

Pruett in for tires and fuel. #rolex – 45 min left garages #rolex

RolexSeries Barbosa leads Pruett by 54.249 seconds with 25 minutes left. #RolexSeries #GrandAm

12 minutes left… #rolex

RolexSeries Pruett trailing Barbosa by 53.720 seconds, which would be the third-closest margin of victory in a Rolex 24 at…

Barbosa has 1 lap to go…Pruett unlikely to cztch…and my battery is abt ti die

Barbosa wins! #rolex

No battery for pic of winner…this is VMR signing off for the 2010 #rolex. continued road trip coverage for the way home! Thanks all.

And now the sun is shining on the Daytona IS. #rolex


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