F1 News: More StefanGP Intrigue, Launches Continue and Are Scheduled, a Reserve Driver for Williams

What Happens When There Is Too Much F1 to Ignore

12:02am EST — While there is actual on-track racing occurring in the States (see Friday’s coverage of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona here at On Any Sunday, These Days) and Kimi Raikkonen is again crashing into trees in a rally, the Formula1 season must be nearing its kick-off with testing beginning Monday and cars being launched left and right.

StefanGP Buy Toyota Designs, As Speculated:
According to the team’s website, “Stefan GP has already made its wishes clear to compete in Formula 1, and Stefan GP has just come to a basic agreement with Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) that Stefan GP will receive technical supports from TMG.  Further details will be released to the press in due course.”  According to Reuters, “part of Stefan GP’s agreement with the car giant would be for Toyota-backed Japanese driver Kazuki Nakajima, dropped by Williams last year, to take one of the race seats.”  The team that clearly wishes to enter the 2010 Formula1 grid has also positioned itself publicly as a testing firm and way around the in-season testing ban.

Ferrari and McLaren Launch 2010 Cars Online:
While the Ferrari launch was Thursday and McLaren’s Friday, two of the best-known and -loved (and hated) teams showed off their new cars online and in the traditional event launch this week.  F1Fanatic has one of the best picture comparisons of the two cars (side shot, front view), showing the differences and similarities between the two 2010 cars.  The McLaren fin over the engine cover is quite large compared to both the 2010 Ferrari and the 2009 McLaren (a comparison between the top and side views of last season’s Mclaren are also available from F1Fanatic, as are the same top and side Ferrari views as well as a front ’09/’10 picture line-up).  While an entire set of articles could (and will) be devoted to thoughts about the differences and how they might stack up against each other and the other cars running in 2010, this pictures will have to be enough for now.

More 2010 Car Launches Scheduled:
LotusF1 and Virgin Racing have released more details regarding their car launches before 2010.  Both will miss the first test this week in Valencia, but will launch their cars February 12th and 3rd, respectively.  LotusF1 will unveil the car in London, at the Royal Horticultural hall, according to Autosport.  Virgin Racing, however, will have a virtual launch for it’s virtually designed car (no windtunnel testing here, folks) at 10 am GMT (5am EST) at the team’s website.

Williams Announce Valtteri Bottas as Reserve Driver:
According to the team’s website, Bottas will be the third, reserve driver for Williams.  The Finnish Formula3 driver is managed by Mika Hakkinen.  The position was left open after the team contracted Nico Hulkenberg as a 2010 race driver along side Rubens Barrichello.


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