Tweeting From the Road: On the Way to Daytona

What Happens When Half Race Distance in One Day as a Passenger is Tiring

10:13pm EST — While traveling from home in Western PA to Daytona, Florida can be a fascinating trip, it is also a long one.  Tuesday covered nearly twelve hours of drive time, from mid-Virginia through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and into Florida.  The following are the often inane and sometimes humorous tweets from Monday and Tuesday’s travel.  We arrived earlier than scheduled and coverage from the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona begins here (and on Twitter) now, though racing events do not begin until Thursday, January 28th.

— Have embarked. Eight states, countless food stops, rain, and 24 hours of racing at the end of the journey! 12:03 PM Jan 25th from txt – Still in pa 1:41 PM Jan 25th from TwitPic

— Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia: 1/2 the states to be covered done in about 30 min (except the bulk of travel remains) 3:36 PM Jan 25th from txt – Rolling countryside of virginia 4:37 PM Jan 25th from TwitPic

— in a hotel in Ashland, Virginia…delish Chinese food for supper, safely bunked and writing before an ungodly early start in the morning 8:22 PM Jan 25th from web

— 6 month anniversary for OASTD! Thanks for all your support and reading. Today’s travel coverage to the Rolex continues… about 15 hours ago from txt

— Up and on the road. Can’t believe how much I’ve missed watching the sun rise…except it’s not quite up and is yet only an orange glow. about 15 hours ago from txt

— entered South Carolina where Mark Sanford is governor and climbing the Appalacian Trail is a euphamism for visiting one’s lover in Argentina about 10 hours ago from txt

— Leaving South Carolina, entering Georgia, waving @ the city of Savannah as we drive past. About 5 hours and we’re in Daytona…thankfully 🙂 about 7 hours ago from txt

— Have entered Florida…I can see some light at the end of the (figurative) tunnel! about 6 hours ago from txt

— Passing through St. Augustine, first place settled on the continent. about 5 hours ago from txt

— Going 70-something-over-the-speed-limit on I95 and a *smart car* just flew by and is seriously pulling away…sheesh. about 4 hours ago from txt

— Correction: going an appropriate and legal 75 mph and said car has disappeared into the distance. about 4 hours ago from txt

— Have seen the day go from dark to light and back again. The last few rays of orange light are receding, after having arrived in Daytona. about 4 hours ago from txt

— Why does the Barnes and Noble within spitting distance of Daytona IMS not stock the F1 magazine?! frustrating. about 2 hours ago from txt


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