F1 News: Schumacher Odd, Price Tag for USF1 and Campos Seats, Rossi Plays with a Ferrari

What Happens When the News Is Interesting, but Not Particularly Breaking

12:33am EST — The Formula1 news of the day was generally relegated to the “human interest” stack, but remained interesting nonetheless.

Michael Schumacher Changes Car Number, For Luck:
Schumacher requested teammate Nico Rosberg’s car number (3) instead of the one he was given (4) as he had signed with the team after the younger German.  Apparently, Schumacher has said, according to the originating story at Bild, “Ross just know that I like odd numbers better start” (please forgive the poor translation into English).
Much has been made of this, suggesting that Schumacher is clearly marking his territory and status as the number one driver within the team.  While it is likely true, the subsequent detailing of what championships were won with what car number and how no driver in the number four car has won a championship since the numbering system as it is began in 1973 (way to boost Rosberg’s morale, there, Reuters) certainly show that the rest of the racing community share many superstitions.
According to a team spokesperson, as quoted by Reuters, “Michael has a preference for odd numbers. He asked if he could be the odd number and we were happy to accept.”  She also noted to Reuters that the FIA has approved the switch and would release a new list of car numbers.  This sort of superstition is not solely the province of Schumacher, as the FIA itself does not use the number 13 in marking the cars.  See the link in the article title for further superstitious info.

IndyCar Driver Robert Doorbos Says New Teams Asking for $5 Million to Drive:
In an interview with online Dutch sports paper Nusport, Doorbos, a former F1 driver who has an IndyCar contract for 2010, said that he had “some conversations with USF1 and Meta Campos was interested, they just ask around five million U.S. dollars in sponsorship money.”  This confirms what has generally been speculated about all the new teams (and certainly would not be unlikely for the established teams, either), that they want the extra money that could be brought in by a driver with already established personal sponsorships.

Valentino Rossi Celebrates with a Ferrari Test:
As has become habit for the MotoGP champion, Rossi celebrated his most recent championship with a test in Catalunya, driving the F2008 Ferrari.  Despite rain, he will continue driving Thursday.  Felipe Massa is also scheduled to drive on the second day of the test.  His fastest time of the day was a 1.25.200, nearly three and a half seconds slower than the fastest lap posted at the circuit by Kimi Raikkonen in 2008.


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  1. Having looked over the Rossi testing times at Catalunya today (Thursday), I’m amazed at how close (miliseconds) he got to Kimi’s fastest lap of 2008 and wonder if the skills of a motorcycle champion translate easier to Formula 1, than that of a F1 champ. to motoGP? (see Mr. Schumachers doctor for further details) Or wether practice (two years of it) really does make perfect?

    Which begs the question, will we ever see ‘complete’ drivers such as John Surtees, ever again. Or are the old ones going to remain, as ever, the best.

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