Korean Tire Manufacturer to Replace Bridgestone in 2010?

What Happens When Sources are Quiet

12:38am EST — Sunday, Crash.net published an article stating that “it is being reported that a brace of Korean manufacturers are vying for the” Formula1 tire supplier contract left open after Bridgestone announced late last year that it would not be supplying tires for the 2011 season and beyond.

The article names Kumho, Hankook and Nexen as those suppliers bidding for the three year contract.  However, it also notes that, according to Auto Motor und Sport, the FIA is currently attempting to persuade Bridgestone to stay as the official tire supplier.  One such lure said to be offered by the FIA for the Japanese company is “an alteration to the regulations whereby team tyre [sic] allocations for each grand prix are reduced, which by extension would lead to lower expenditure.”

Most interesting, the article says that the decision will be made by Friday.  It seems terribly unlikely that such an important contract deal in F1 could be processed under the complete secrecy that seems to be occurring, until one remembers that the Bridgestone withdrawal announcement on November 1st was heralded by no leaks nor prior information.  Perhaps this will be another quietly determined contract with little fanfare beforehand?  No word now, but keep watching F1B for updates when available.


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  1. It is going to be tough I think Goodyear will get in this is a time for Goodyear 2011 will be for Goodyear!

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