VMR on Sunday: A Taste of the Weekly Column at F1B

What Happens When Forgetfulness is Not a Virtue

2:38pm EST — As a reminder (especially since it has not been mentioned here), I write a weekly opinion column as part of my duties at Formula1Blog called “VMR on Sunday.”  Usually a rational and introspective look at some piece of news from the F1 paddock that week, it has recently turned into a bit of a comedy corner.  As a reminder to check out some of the work that has been taking time away from On Any Sunday, These Days, please check out the following samples of that opinion column:

January 17, 2010: “Who Wins: Anthony Hamilton or John Button?” a look at which fiercely supportive and outspoken world champion’s father would win, should there be a fight in the McLaren garage in 2010.

January 10, 2010: “Another Spin on the Merry Go Round” a discussion on the six still-open seats for the 2010 Formula1 season

January 3, 2010: “Rant on American F1 Fandom, and the Perils of Stardom” an aptly named rant about the comparative lack of American fans of F1, instead of the greater numbers in other parts of the world

December 27, 2009: “F1B Exclusive: New Year’s Resolutions” a previously exclusive Formula1Blog list of New Year’s resolutions from various F1 personages, all tongue-in-cheek and hopefully funny


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