Something New: The Day’s F1 News at Once

What Happens When New Ideas Are Tried

12:02am EST — In an attempt to bring more comprehensive coverage of F1 to On Any Sunday, These Days, a daily article about news and events in the sport will become standard.  Each piece of news will include a short summary and link to the original source, with the commentary you are used to here.  Once the season begins again, the standard ever-evolving coverage will return.  Continue to check OASTD for breaking news and interesting stories through the day, as well.

Bernie Ecclestone Suggests “Shortcuts” for Overtaking:
Ecclestone has come up with yet another outlandish suggestion to increase overtaking during Formula1 races.  According to a just-published article from Reuters, Ecclestone suggested to reporters at the Ferrari/Ducati Wrooom event in Italy Wednesday that they “imagine a shortcut which a driver can use five times every race. It would stop people getting stuck behind others. It would be good for TV.”
The chief promoter for F1 and head of Formula One Management has previously offered other suggestions to improve the spectacle of F1 for fans, both at the races and watching on television.  He has been pushing a medals system for determining the driver’s championship and has been an instrumental figure in bringing F1 to new tracks in different parts of the world.  While many, including Adrian Newey and Sam Michaels involved in the sport suggest that the best way to increase overtaking would be to stop taking F1 to circuits that do not encourage overtaking and begin bringing the sport to circuits whose design does encourage overtaking, Ecclestone seems to be quite fond of his characteristic panache in bringing new ideas to the sport.
The issues with implementing this idea are large and varied (what sort of punishment? does everyone get to shortcut? would that encourage the slower cars to hold up faster cars anyway? can the drivers/teams remember how many shortcuts they’ve taken? does a shortcut to escape an on-track incident count? etc.) it is an interesting idea.  Certainly, FOTA and the individual teams will make quick work of decrying or encouraging such a suggestion.

All Living F1 Champions to Attend Season Opener:
Wednesday the Gulf Daily News (“the voice of Bahrain”) published an article stating that all living F1 champions will be on hand for the 60th anniversary season celebrations that mark the 2010 season opener in Bahrain this March.  According to Bahrain International Circuit chief executive Martin Whitaker, “There are 20 surviving World Champions; they will all be here in Bahrain as part of the Grand Prix.”  The article went on to mention that most of the cars driven by said champions will be on display, giving those with enough money to travel to the season opener a look at historical cars from F1 racing’s inception to now.  The list of champions currently slated to attend includes “Sir Jack Brabham, Mika Hakkinen, Jody Scheckter, Keke Rosberg, Niki Lauda, Sir Jackie Stewart, Damon Hill and Mario Andretti.”

Neither Red Bull nor Virgin Racing will Attend First Winter Test:
As they did last year, Red Bull will not be at the first winter test in Jerez.  According to Christian Horner, as quoted at Autosport, “It worked very well for us last year. We took a decision some time ago that there was more performance to be had by focusing on test two at Jerez rather than test one. It was built into our plan from the outset.”  Nick Wirth, Virgin Racing technical director, in a separate Autosport article, said, “To be honest, we were also planning to miss the first Jerez test. But as we got into August and September we thought we had a chance to bring it forward and do as much testing as possible. So we plan to shake it down in the UK, possibly on the 3rd but more likely on the 4th and 5th [of February], and then ship the thing out and start running on the 10th of February at Jerez.”
It is not unusual for a team to miss one of the tests, or to hold their own test somewhere else.  This season USF1 will begin testing first at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama, and Ferrari generally uses one of its sets of testing days at the private track at Maranello.


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