Piquet Jr. Heads Off to NASCAR

What Happens When There Are Myriad Crashing Jokes to be Made

12:02am EST — Tuesday, former Renault driver and central personage in the scandal surrounding his purposeful crash at the 2008 Singapore GP, Nelson Piquet, Jr. announced via his personal website that he will be racing in a NASCAR series for 2010.  “Being successful in Formula 1 was always my goal but I have learnt that happiness is just as important as ambition and after my first 18 months in F1 did not go as planned I have decided to focus on something different and have chosen to take a route in America…This will be an awesome new challenge for me, and a healthy one. I have always been open to new challenges and I will be putting everything I have into this. I have found a good group of people that are really willing to help me in my career and I am grateful that they are there for me,” said Piquet on his site.  This sort of language is a not-so-subtle dig at his former manager and team principal Flavio Briatore, with whom he has had a very public dispute over the racing situation at Renault while he drove for the team.

Presumably, Piquet will begin in the truck series, a lower-level series where most new drivers hone their oval-racing skills.  He tested with Red Horse Racing in October.


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