Disturbing New Trend? Genii May Shut Down Young Driver Management

What Happens When Economic Times Are Still Tough

12:02am EST — While Renault remains in Formula1, at least in part and in name, for 2010, the investment company that bought out a large part of the team is reducing its long-term growth potential in young drivers.  According to Crash.net and grandprix.com, “Genii Capital may axe its career management company, Gravity Sport Management.”  In continued worse news for those drivers under that management, as new Renault team principal Eric Boullier said, “It will be even more difficult for a driver from Gravity to get the seat alongside [Robert] Kubica, as they would really have to prove their worth to be chosen.”

The underlying question here is whether this will become the new trend in F1.  Will teams and investors remain for the premier grid, but will opportunities for young drivers to hone their craft and be taken under the wing of an established team (as was Lewis Hamilton at McLaren) simply dry up as the economy inspires tightening budgets?  It is this that could be more of the downfall of F1 than a reduced grid.  Teams have always come and gone, but the future might look bleak indeed if there are no Hamiltons, Fernando Alonsos, or Michael Schumachers waiting in the wings.


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  1. OASTD’s creates a good point, along with the return of Schumacher this year rather than the promotion of a Test Driver or GP2 ace.

    However, given that this article is concerning a corporate group, with a typical knee jerk reaction of cutting costs to save their own wages. I feel that fantastic natural talents, in the moulds of Lewis, Kimi & Micheal will still come through the ranks to f1 glory. With Peter Sauber also returning to F1 management and the Williams liking of risk taking, young driver will always have a willing and competitive race seat to aim for.

    For instance, track Nico Hulkenberg’s progress at Wiliams this year, with no media pressure (as everyone will be focusing on Bruno Senna) he will likely impress.

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