Briatore Ban Decision Announced Tomorrow

What Happens When it’s Nearly Impossible to Forget Controversy

2:02am EST — As a reminder, the French court’s decision on Flavio Briatore and Pat Symond’s appeal of their lifetime and five-year, respectively, bans from Formula1 and other FIA sanctioned events will be handed down tomorrow, January 5.  Briatore had demanded that his ban be overturned and that he receive 1 million euros for what he alleges to be a hearing conducted in an improper fashion, due mainly to former FIA president Max Mosley’s bias against him.  As is easily remembered, Briatore and Symonds were punished after former Renault driver Nelson Piquet, Jr. confessed to purposefully crashing his car during the 2008 Singapore GP in order to gain advantage for his teammate Fernando Alonso.  Whether or not those bans will be overturned will be announced Tuesday.


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  1. Why does Briatore believe Max Mosley has a bias against him? Did Fernando Alonso won this race?
    Thanks! The site is quite charming … -Reg

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