Christmas Gifts from USF1: Website, Twitter, and YouTube

What Happens When Great News is Released at a Horrible Time

2:01am EST — USF1 has given all Formula1 fans who celebrate Christmas a gift, at possibly the worst time to open it.  As I posted at F1B on Christmas Eve, the team has begun posting videos on its YouTube channel.  Christmas Day brings the official team website and  Twitter account.  This is wonderful news, but Christmas seems like a terrible time to begin this information release.  As I have ranted many, many times before, the general public relations people in F1 (this is certainly not just an issue at USF1, but is rampant in the sport) do not seem to have their act together.  Why release something on Christmas, without also a press release and triumphant fanfare?  Why, as was done just weeks ago, release the next season’s driver information on a Friday, and on a Friday that is the day after a major American holiday?  Why allow one’s team takeover to be scooped by the sport’s governing body?

In any case, this new information from USF1 is excellent news and both the website and YouTube channel deserve a poke around.  Perhaps now Bernie Eccelstone will stop suggesting that there will not be an American team on the F1 grid in 2010.



  1. Good gift on X-mas day

  2. With all the millions they’re spending, you’d think they’d be able to afford a decent graphic designer for their videos and website. It’s pitiful 😦

  3. Yeap nice chrismast present.

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