Kobayashi’s Sauber Contract: Some of the Best News of the Silly Season

What Happens When It’s Time, Yet Again, to Catch Up

1:19am EST — Granted, this story broke Thursday, but the announced contract between Kamui Kobayashi and Sauber F1 for the 2010 Formula1 season is some of the best news for F1’s future that has been announced this silly season.  While the possibly return of Michael Schumacher, the addition of four new teams to the grid, the return of the Senna name to F1, and the various driver/team changes that usually occur during the silly season have been some very good news, this story is an excellent indication of the future of F1.

Kobayashi has already raced in two F1 GPs, both for Toyota at the end of the 2009 season and replacing injured Timo Glock.  He impressed many with his aggressive driving style (forcing soon-to-be champion Jenson Button to fight for position), especially new boss Peter Sauber, who said, “particularly in the Abu Dhabi race, Kamui demonstrated not only that he can drive fast and aggressively, but also his ability to successfully implement a strategy.”

Here at On Any Sunday, These Days, I have been a fan since he started his first race in Brazil and kept his aggressive driving clean, managing to make Button work for position without crashing either the champion or himself out (rather unlike many of the other rookies over the 2009 season).  In fact, he became the best moment of the 2009 F1 season, as determined by OASTD.  Despite the fantastic marketing and entertaining opportunity provided by Schumacher’s return, such a return is a look back, not a look to the future.  Kobayashi represents the future, and what a future it is.


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