FIA Continues Changes: F1 Fill-In Drivers Allowed to Test in 2010

What Happens When Sanity Begins to Reign

12:02am EST — Thursday, the FIA announced another change to its 2010 procedures.  New drivers who fill in in the middle of the season for drivers who suffer an injury or are removed from competition will now be allowed to test the car they will begin driving.  Granted, these substitute drivers will only be allowed one day of testing in the car they are about to drive, but any time in a new car is beneficial to both new drivers and those filling-in, particularly when regular testing is prohibited.

According to ITV, this testing is further regulated by only allowing those “who haven’t competed in a F1 race in the previous two years one day of track testing, provided the test takes place within a period 14 days prior to the substitution and 14 days after the substitution. The test must also not be carried out at a circuit hosting a grand prix in the current championship year.”

Again, this strikes as a most sensible rule change, particularly in reaction to the multiple new drivers added tot he field in 2009 and the possibility that such a large number will again occur in relation to the many new teams on the 2010 grid.  Perhaps the Jean Todt tenure as FIA president will not be quite what many had thought it would be?  We can only wait and see.


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