USF1 Car on Schedule, Chassis Done Soon

What Happens When Twitter is the Best Invention Ever

12:02am EST — Monday evening, another bit of interesting news was found on Twitter, this time regarding USF1 and their readiness for the 2010 season.  Ralph Sheheen, generally a motorcycle racing announcer but also the host of SPEEDtv’s weekly racing news program, tweeted about his weekend plans.  Apparently, he had a “great dinner last night with Bob Varsha [Formula1 announcer and SPEEDtv personality] and Peter Windsor [former SPEEDtv F1 pit reporter and current team principal for USF1]. Lot’s [sic] of talk about who could be a future American in F1. Lot’s [sic] of unique names.”

What was more interesting than three men dining together and shooting the breeze about F1 was this second comment about the discussion Sunday night, “Peter Windsor said USF1 is right on schedule and the chassis should be ready anyday. Needed the fuel regs to finish design.”  With the rumors that USF1 would not be on schedule having died down, which means another round is due this week, this comment is an excellent tidbit of information regarding this new for 2010 F1 team.  Interestingly enough, LotusF1 owner Tony Fernandes (who is generally regarded to own the most likely to succeed rookie team for next season) said that his team would not have their car finished for the January group-hug, all-team launch in Valencia, joking, “I won’t have a car at that time. I could come with a Matchbox car.”

The future fitness of all teams’ cars for 2010 is yet to be determined, but at least some information is floating around that has no connection to a possible Michael Schumacher comeback or Max Mosley’s sordid tell-alls, entertaining as they are.



  1. Excellent news! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the car roll out, and I’m confident based on Ken’s experience that they’ll be ready when the flag drops. It’ll be nice to see them prove the haters wrong. (Same wags were 100% sure that Honda/Brawn was gone forever just a year ago.)

    One thing I’m curious about is “Needed the fuel regs to finish design.” Haven’t the regulations been finalized for a while now, if that’s what he meant? Substitute “requirements” for “regulations” and that seems more likely. Estimating fuel consumption for full race distance from an engine that’s never run in anger, with a chassis and aero package that don’t exist yet, and on tracks where you’ve never competed must be just about a shot in the dark.

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  3. I must side with Grace on this and say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see them show up in January with a real race car, and if they do I’ll happily admit that I was in error. I can’t help but be skeptical, though, given how past statements from the team (i.e. all American driver line up) have panned out. The “shop tour” that Peter did with Steve in the last SpeedTV F1 broadcast didn’t inspire much confidence, either.

    • I have a soft spot in my heart for USF1, and agree that everything (everything, I say) in F1 should be taken with more than just a grain of salt. Still, I like the fact that it came out through another journalist and not from the team. I feel that there might be more truth to it that way. We just have to wait and see, I suppose.
      PS thanks for stopping by after listening to the podcast!

  4. Ralph didn’t see the car–its just something that Peter told him like:

    Drivers will be named in June
    The car will be on the ground in November
    We won’t take “pay” drivers–Ken and I are committed to finding the best drivers available
    We will be the most transparent team in F1

    No drivers, no sponsors, no car on the ground, rumors of pay drivers, no website, facebook or youtube videos from the team–

    What is it we are supposed to feel good about…that Peter wouldn’t dare lie to Ralph? PLEASE!

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