Official: Manor is VirginGP, Glock and di Grassi to Race in 2010

What Happens When “Breaking News” Is Certainly Not Breaking

10:06am EST — As was let slip by the FIA 2010 Formula1 entry list (and every other news source as a likely but not official story), Tuesday Sir Richard Branson announced that his Virgin brand had taken over ManorGP and rebranded it as VirginGP, with Timo Glock (who had already been announced as a Manor driver) and Lucas di Grassi as the racing drivers.

In shiny leather jackets and long hair, the Branson, Glock, and di Grassi (who was the fourth driver for Renault this season, moving up when Nelson Piquet, Jr. was sacked) made statements in London about their excitement and hope for their future in F1.  Interestingly enough, the car will be entirely developed by Nick Wirth and his design team through computer graphics and the team will not use a windtunnel.  Branson hopes to make money from the team, and said after his success in sponsoring BrawnGP in 2009 he “searched around for another great team, another David team [a reference to Brawn’s move from nonexistence to world champions, as compared to Goliath], we have one and we will see how it goes.”  VirginGP will run on a budget of less than £40 million.


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