FIA F1 Commission Announces Proprosed Rule Changes

What Happens When Another Layer of Bureaucracy is Added

4:43am EST — One of FIA president Jean Todt’s changes to the structure of the FIA, as detailed in a previous post explaining his post-election bluprint, was implemented Thursday, as the new F1 Commission met Thursday and proposed, for the WMSC meeting Friday, the following changes: that the points system be overhauled to better reflect the larger number of teams on the grid, the change of the former BrawnGP team to Mercedes GP, and, perhaps most importantly,  “a strong mandate has been given to the Sporting Working Group, a sub-committee of the F1 Commission made up of the FIA and F1 teams, to develop detailed proposals to improve the show.”

The proposed points system, while not the medal system provided by Bernice Eccelstone, does provide a greater spread of points, and a larger number for the top 10.
1st 25
2nd 20
3rd 15
5th 8
7th 5
8th 3
9th 2
10th 1

While the WMSC has not officially made these changes and will not do so until Friday, the release by the F1 Commission is a good indication that such changes will be implemented, sooner rather than later.  To learn more information about the possibility of change to the points system, se also Formula1 Blog and “What might the new points system mean?”.


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