Alonso Seems Better for Ferrari Than Raikkonen, Personally and Professionally

What Happens When There Are Myriad Benefits

12:06am EST — Saturday, James Allen wrote a story on his personal site, quoting Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali as saying, regarding former Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen, “in a car that is capable of winning, he was and is perfect.  But if the car needs to be developed and the team fired up, [Fernando] Alonso is better.”  Domenicali later referenced Raikkonen’s personality within the apparently largely gregarious Italian team as “very fast, but also very closed.”

With this sort of welcome and hope for better performance, both personally and professionally, than the previously employed driver, it appears as though Alonso should have much better luck at Ferrari than he did when joining the other immense team on the Formula1 grid, McLaren.  His time at McLaren was marred by scandal and general unease, with team favorite and new driver Lewis Hamilton much more comfortable within the hierarchy of the team.  At Ferrari, it appears as though Alonso is viewed as a welcome and almost kindred spirit, as he has been publicly extolling the virtues of the historic team (which Raikkonen generally seemed loathe to do, discussing only his desire to work with a winning team) and is known to speak fluent Italian.

While only time on the track and race performance will truly tell the tale, Ferrari appears to be ready to perform much better in 2010 than it did in 2009.  2010 car development was the sole focus of the team by the time late summer rolled around, and Alonso has been noted to be an excellent developmental driver.  The likely cohesion of the team will also be enhanced, or so it seems, by the addition of the two-time champion.  Next season looks to be as historically interesting as was 2009.


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  1. Many would say Alonso is the best driver on the grid, given that he beat Schumacher fairly and squarely two years on the trot.

    Kimi and Alonso would surely have been the dream team for Ferrari but the loyalty to Massa is admirable much as McLarens was with Lewis when they opted for him over Gary Paffett, who much like Kimi is on paper atleast the better option.

    History shows that maybe the ‘better’ option would be less controversial, but then, whats F1 without controversy and intrigue?

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