Personal Note: Happy Thanksgiving

What Happens When It’s Time to Break Out the First Person

12:05am EST — For American readers, today is a day of giving thanks, seeing family, fighting over the last turkey leg, watching a parade, and taking a nap.  Happy Thanksgiving!  This has been a time of personal sadness for me and my family as my grandfather passed away Sunday and the funeral was Wednesday.  Because of that, my ability (mentally and emotionally as well as physically) to cover F1, MotoGP, and WSBK has been greatly diminished over the past week or so.
Thank you all for your lovely thoughts and condolences.  The outpouring of support from people I generally only talk about racing with has been wonderful and surprising.  Because of that, I can truly give thanks for you, wonderful readers and new friends today on our national holiday.  Please keep reading On Any Sunday, These Days (and Formula1 Blog) for the best news and opinion about roadracing that I (and the other boys and girls at F1B) can deliver.


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