Briatore’s Appeal of the FIA Formula1 Ban Occurs Tuesday in Paris

What Happens When It’s Time for the Drama to Continue

12:02am EST — Former Renault F1 team boss and Formula1 driver manager Flavio Briatore heads to Paris Tuesday for his appeal to the French courts of the FIA World Motor Sport Council decision to ban him permanently from all FIA-sanctioned events, F1 specifically, and FIA licensed driver management after it found he had participated in a conspiracy with Nelson Piquet, Jr. and Pat Symonds to fix the results of the 2008 Singapore GP.  While the Renault team also received a permanent ban from the sport, that punishment was rightly suspended for two years, so long as the team behaves appropriately during that time.

Briatore has entered into this appeal to the French courts, according to leaked court documents previously discussed at On Any Sunday, These Days, demanding the court reinstate him and force the FIA to pay him 1 million euros in damages.  Briatore claims that the WMSC “was clearly blinded by an excessive desire for personal revenge” and that the body breached “the most basic rules of procedure and the rights to a fair trial.”  Symonds is also a party to this appeal, though it appears as though he is demanding no restitution from the FIA and only an overturning of his five-year ban.  The court has jurisdiction over the FIA decision because the FIA is a sanctioned sporting body under French law and headquartered in Paris.  No word is yet available as to when the French court decision will be handed down.


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