Increased Exposure for “On Any Sunday, These Days”

What Happens When Personal Expansion Is Exciting

12:02am EST — On Any Sunday, These Days is pleased to announce another forum for Formula1 news and opinion.  Founder/Writer Victoria Reid (that’s me!) is now a Contributing Editor at Formula1Blog, with a regular column (“VMR on Sunday”  by Victoria, with her first column about the Mercedes-Brawn takeover already published) as well as future expansion of her involvement at that site to include news coverage and podcasts as well.  F1B is an opinion site for dedicated fans who want to share opinion and “engage each other and unpack the sport that is F1.”

On Any Sunday, These Days will remain as a forum for F1, MotoGP, and WSBK news and opinion as well, so please keep reading here.  To be honest, this is not a move away from the dedicated following begun here, but an expansion.  Please check out the work at F1B.  Hopefully, this move will increase the readership here as well as providing an opportunity to make better connections and write better stories about the various racing series already covered here.  Thank you for your continued support!



  1. Welcome to our little madhouse, Victoria! Great job with your first article, I look forward to more. I’m sure that plenty of F1B readers will find their way to this little corner of the www as well, especially for motorcycle coverage, something we do sometimes lack – as the name would suggest!

    I’m amazed (and delighted) that a sensible economist has been wooed by the world of motorsport! I thought it remained the territory of scientists, entrepreneurs and adrenaline junkies. (However, seeing as I qualify as none of those, it shows how flawed my theory is from the get-go…)

    Mark, from F1B’s office in Bonn, Germany. (AKA my flat.)

    PS – to Victoria’s loyal readers, we promise we won’t steal her away completely.

    • Mark,
      Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to working with you all. I’m hoping to bring a little more two wheels with me to F1B, too.
      To be perfectly honest, I don’t use my economics degree on a regular basis, and would definitely say that “sensible economist” is a misnomer. I spent my college days thinking up the most random theories possible, then convincing professors they were sound and writing papers on them. Somehow, we fooled them all.
      VMR, from OASTD headquarters (aka my couch :-} )

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