Confused About McLaren 2010 Driver Line-Up? So Are They, as Button Tours Factory Friday

What Happens When No One Knows

3:06pm EST — Adding to the confusion regarding the other driver at McLaren for the 2010 Formula1 season was Jenson Button’s Friday visit to the team’s headquarters in Woking.  Just Wednesday, the team played host to Kimi Raikkonen’s managers, suggesting that the Finn would be partnering Lewis Hamilton at his old teamThe Guardian published an article Friday mentioning the first visit, but seriously suggesting that Button and not Raikkonen will be the second world champion driving for McLaren next season.

According to Button’s manager, Richard Goddard, “Jenson wants to drive a car which is capable of winning the next world championship.  We’ve been talking about possible terms for 2010 with Brawn for months and we’re not being difficult or unreasonably expensive in our demands for Jenson…he needs to explore all the feasible options.”  A McLaren spokesperson would only say, “having just arrived at Heathrow, Jenson made a small detour to Woking to say hello.”

The article states that, “McLaren have made Kimi Raikkonen their second choice if the Button approach fails, with Nick Heidfeld third favourite.”  This makes an already most interesting situation more confusing, and one might seriously consider thinking that Nelson Piquet, Jr. might pop into the McLaren factory next, just to spice things up.  While it seems most likely that Button will stay at Brawn, Raikkonen will move to McLaren, and Heidfeld will be forced to find a seat with a new team, gut instinct indicates that Raikkonen will go rallying next year, Button will move to McLaren, and Heidfeld and Rosberg will be driving a heavily-sponsored-by-Mercedes Brawn.  Only time and more rumors will tell.


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  1. Best option for Mclaren? Button
    Best option for Lewis? Heidfeld
    Best option for F1? Kimi

    Isn’t it amazing how everyone has written off Kovalainen and he doesn’t even get a mention?

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