Official: Williams Says Yes to Cosworth Engines, 2010 Driver Announcement Monday

What Happens When Local News Breaks the News

8:23pm EST — According to Gulf News late Thursday night, Sir Frank Williams has confirmed that his Formula1 team will be powered by Cosworth engines in 2010.  “We’ve finished our contract with Toyota and we’ve moved on to a British engine manufacturer Cosworth with whom we have won many world championships in the past,” said Williams.  He also mentioned that “we will announce our drivers for next season on Monday” after driver Nico Rosberg announced yesterday that he would not be driving for Williams in 2010.  Interestingly, Williams hinted that Rosberg would go to Brawn, as suggested, saying, “Nico is German and Mercedes need at least one German driver to sit before their engine.”  It is suspected by many that Rubens Barrichello will swap places with Rosberg and will partner 2009 GP2 champion Nico Hulkenberg in his rookie F1 season.

This move has long been hinted, especially after the team and Toyota announced their split for 2010 in mid-October.  Apparently, one of the benefits of using Cosworth engines will be their proximity to the Williams factory, as, according to Williams, “they are 50 miles away from Williams which is very convenient. Besides we also like our independence. We will be not under the influence, not that Toyota ever bossed around, but we’ve just gone a private and independent route.”  This will make Williams the benchmark for the four (possibly five) new teams in F1 next season, as they will also be using Cosworth engines.


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