Lotus Gaining Ferrari Experience in Rosato and Berro

What Happens When It’s a Good Bet to Poach From an Established Team

8:24am EST — In Formula1 team members often move around a swap places from team to team, though it is often difficult for fans to notice which mechanic or lollipop man who is now at Williams used to be at McLaren.  This swapping is even more important for new teams, as they need the experience of team members from older teams.  For 2010 LotusF1 has already gained some of that experience.  Not only is CEO Danny Bahar a former Ferrari man, but Formula1Complete is reporting that Ferrari head of security Gino Rosato has accepted an offer to become the vice-president of corporate affairs for Lotus.  Similarly, the official F1 website published Wednesday that Claudio Berro has become the director of motorsport for the company.  Most recently Berro was operations racing director for the Speedcar Middle East International Race Series, but he also pent fourteen years working with Ferarri and other Italian car companies.  Berro is “looking forward to re-introducing Lotus to high level motorsport to not only compete and win but also to demonstrate the shared technology between Lotus sportscars and future racing cars.”


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