Wili Webber, Manager Extraordinare, Says Barrichello and Hulkenberg to Williams for 2010 F1

What Happens When Yet More News is Mere Rumor

9:58am EST — According to GMM and Bild am Sonntag, current GP2 star, Williams test driver, and regularly rumored rookie for the 2010 Formula1 season Nico Hulkenberg will “be a good match for his new team-mate Barrichello” at Williams, said Hulkenberg’s manager Wili Weber on Sunday.  While it has been long-speculated that the two would drive for Williams in 2010, this is the closest to a confirmation that has yet been published.  Rubens Barrichello’s current teammate, BrawnGP driver and recently crowned world champion Jenson Button is also in contract negotiations with Brawn.  Only time will tell who goes where for the 2010 season.  One race remains in the 2009 season, next weekend’s Abu Dhabi GP.


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  1. With Hulkenberg being the new Michael Schumacher, and Rubens being the worlds most experienced ‘number two’.
    Williams could well be a team to watch next year!

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