Yet More Bad News for Donington Park’s Unlikely Formula1 Future

What Happens When the Money Just Isn’t There

8:42pm EST — Rumors have been going back and forth regarding the 2010 Formula1 British GP.  It was to be held at Donington Park, then there were issues with the circuit’s fitness as a F1 track, then just ten days ago another deadline passed and was extended for the track, so long as Simon Gillett and the track could show that they had the necessary money to complete the changes required.

At that point, however, Bernie Eccelstone stepped forward to say that, even should the circuit raise enough money to continue, “there is no way the circuit would be ready at this late stage.”  Then came Wednesday’s additions to the 2010 calendar by the FIA, which included the disclaimer that Donington Park’s status as host for the British GP was “subject to the homologation of the circuit” and not contract negotiations, as is the status of the Canadian GP.  Finally came Thursday’s news, first reported on BBC Radio 5, that the high-risk bonds applied for by Gillett had been withdrawn.

Both the Daily Telegraph and Leicester Mercury confirmed the story late Thursday, with the Mercury saying that “despite interest from investors it is believed not enough was forthcoming to see the deal done in time.”  The future of the British GP has been stabilized by the reported willingness of Silverstone president Damon Hill to bid for the contract.  Eccelstone has long suggested that, should Donington Park not be ready, Silverstone would the be fall-back choice for host of the British GP in 2010 and beyond.


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