Learn More About the Most Important F1 Decision-Makers: the Stewards for the 2009 Brazilian GP

What Happens When Fans Know Little About Those With the Most Power

1:49am EST — The election for the president of the FIA is heating up, with supporters for each candidate writing letters and speaking to the press, but most fans are generally unaware of the identities of those with the most real power in Formula1: not the FIA president, nor the members of the WMSC (though they have quite a bit of power as well), but the race stewards for each individual race.  They, together with race director Charlie Whiting and his staff, make the most crucial decisions regarding penalties and the final outcome of qualifying and the race.  It was race stewards who ruined Nico Rosberg’s Singapore GP, after he ruined it himself, by enforcing the drive-through penalty for crossing the white line when leaving the pit lane.  It was race stewards who determined the penalties that kept everyone up most of the night, and the paddock in confusion, determining the starting grid in Suzuka just two weeks ago.  This marks the first in a series of articles by On Any Sunday, These Days, giving a brief personal history of the race stewards working each weekend.

As per usual, there are three stewards this weekend in Brazil: Henry Krausz, Roger Peart, and Felipe Giaffone.  Krausz is currently a member of the FIA Senate and President of the Federación Dominicana de Automovilismo (from 1986-2000, 2007-now).  He began his career in motorsports in rallying in his native Dominican Republic, and was the national rally champion in 1979 and 1980.  Krausz spent quite a bit of time as a steward in the Domincan Republic for various car and karting races.  He has been a FIA Circuit and Safety Commission Member as well as a member of the WMSC.  Krausz is also currently Deputy Vice President of the WMSC.

Peart is currently a member of the FIA Safety Commission, President of the FIA Circuits Commission, and President of the Autorité Sportive Nationale du Canada.  Peart is a native Briton, and was mechanic participating in various rallying events in Canada.  Peart was “instrumental” in the designing of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, and spent eighteen years as the national steward at the Canadian GP, from 1990-2008.  He repeatedly performs circuit inspections for the FIA, and acts as steward and chief steward at many FIA events.

Giaffone is the national steward for the Brazilian GP, and is a member of the National Karting Commission of Brazil as well as being a member of the Confederaçao Brasileira Automobilismo.  He has regularly been a steward at karting events in Brazil, both before and after his career in the IndyCar series and its subsidiary series.


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