WSBK Race 2 Mangy-Cours: Haga Strikes Back, Title Fight Goes to Potrugal

What Happens When the Championship Lead is an Ever-Changing Thing

11:06am EST —Noriyuki Haga came back with a vengeance in WSBK Race 2 at Mangy-Cours, leading from the start and staying there the entire race.  Max Biaggi and Johnny Rea attempted to catch him but were unsuccessful.  Title challenger Ben Spies finished fourth after narrowly winning the first race.  Haga left France with a ten point lead over Spies, with the championship undecided until Portugal, three weeks away.

Final Results of WSBK Race 2 at Mangy-Cours: (courtesy of
1. N. Haga
2. M. Biaggi -1.480
3. J. Rea -6.024
4. B. Spies -18.135
5. L. Haslam -21.236
6. Y. Kagayama -23.647
7. S. Byrne -23.701
8. K. Muggeridge -24.838
9. C. Checa -31.455
10. T. Corser -32.507
11. F. Nieto -37.594
12. R. Xaus -44.727
13. M. Fabrizio -49.782
14. M. Baiocco -50.345
15. B. Parkes -56.209
16. D. Salom -58.796
17. D. Checa -1:00.391
18. R. Resch -1:20.777
19. S. Morais -1:24.318
RET 22 L. Camier 8 Laps
RET 99 L. Scassa 9 Laps
RET 96 J. Smrz 10 Laps
RET 77 V. Iannuzzo 11 Laps
RET 66 T. Sykes 20 Laps


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  1. Did you see Nori and Max continue to duke it out after the flag dropped? That was fantastic, they couldn’t be stopped! Bet they had a race in their rental cars on the way home, Days of Thunder styleee!

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