USF1 Here Today, Gone for 2010? Hopefully Not

What Happens When Rumors Might Be Just That

4:24pm EST — Saturday, in an interview with the BBC, Bernie Eccelstone suggested that American team for 2010, USF1, was “a doubt” for next season.  This, coupled with a lack of information in the news media from the team, has led many American (and Formual1 in general) fans to wonder and worry about their hope for a larger American presence in Formula1.  Also curious is the fact that team principal Peter Windsor, current SPEEDtv on-the-grid reporter, who had been asking the official questions in the post-session press conferences, gave up the job for “conflict of interest” issues about halfway through the season, returned to his former position at Monza.

These bits of circumstantial evidence might suggest that USF1 will not be racing in 2010, or could simply be an indication that USF1 (with its team management’s previous F1 experience) is simply playing the future close to the vest.  Only time will tell, but On Any Sunday, These Days sincerely hopes it is the latter.

UPDATE: 8:54pm EST — See new article at On Any Sunday, These Days about Peter Windsor’s USF1 informational article in The New York Times.


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