Ferrari Says Alonso to Drive, but Not in 2010

What Happens When Media Obfuscation is an Art Practiced by Italians

11:47am EST — Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari president, announced to Spanish reporters Friday that “sooner or later I’ll make it [Fernando Alonso driving for Ferrari, as has long been a paddock secret] happen. We’ll see when…For next year we have Raikkonen, Massa, Fisichella, Badoer, Gene, and I hope Michael Schumacher, so we have a bench as long as Real Madrid’s…[Alonso]won titles, and I’ve always thought that sooner or later, all great drivers come to Ferrari.”  There has been much speculation that the two-time world champion will be driving for Ferrari next season, furor that was enhanced by the Ferrari/Santander sponsorship deal announced Thursday at Monza.

His long list of drivers for the 2010 season has prompted di Montezemolo to suggest that teams be allowed to field three or more cars, rather than the current two car limit per team in Formula1.


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  1. I’m still a bit reluctant to believe their hesitation in recruiting our beloved Alonso.

    2010 seems like the perfect time for both him and Ferrari.

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