Fisichella to Replace Badoer at Ferrari, Says Vijay Mallya

What Happens When All the Speculation is Correct

10:06am EST — Force India owner Vijay Mallya has confirmed, after many denials, Belgian GP runner-up Giancarlo Fisichella will be driving for Ferrari at Monza the weekend after this.  “Giancarlo and his management team approached me yesterday with the proposal from Ferrari…For any Italian driver, a Ferrari race seat is a long-held dream and for Giancarlo it was no exception. No one should stand in the way of this,” said Mallya in a statement released by the Force India team.

The statement added, suggesting that Fisichella will continue to add to the driver riches (contracted Kimi Raikkonen, returning Felipe Massa, world champion Michael Schumacher, rumored world champion Fernando Alonso, and now Fisichella) for Ferrari next year as a test driver for the Maranello team, “the agreement will secure Giancarlo’s long-term future with Ferrari.”

After the spectacular turnaround by Force India at Spa (pole and second place for Fisichella), Force India looked to try to continue their success this season and in the future.  The likely replacement for Fisichella at Force India is Force India test driver Tonio Liuzzi, who raced three races for Red Bull in 2005, scoring a point in his debut, and an entire season for Torro Rosso in 2006 and 2007, and has been making some fuss in the media about how he really wants to be back racing.  Force India also “would like to stress that we have not agreed any financial settlement with Ferrari,” particularly after much media speculation that Ferrari might forgive the 4 million euros Force India owes the Italian team after a broken engine contract last season.

This announcement by Force India ends the speculation about who would replace the hapless Badoer after he was rewarded with Felipe Massa’s seat after his unfortunate incident in Hungary.


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  1. Oh come on Giancarlo. I know Ferrari is important to you, but this soon after your triumph with Force India?

    I genuinely feel awful for the Force India guys.

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