Martin Whitmarsh Not Acceptable Authority When Speaking About Fernando Alonso

What Happens When Paddock Gossip Is Taken as Express Truth

— Today, extreme amounts of online readers and writers are quoting McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh as a definitive authority that Fernando Alonso will be moving to Ferrari for the 2010 season.  While Whitmarsh is a good source of information as to what is happening in the paddock or what most of the paddock generally thinks, it is, perhaps, a bit too much to be taking his word as law regarding a driver no longer affiliated with his team, and a team with whom his team’s dealings are generally acrimonious.

Of course, hints and suggestions do indicate an Alonso switch to Ferrari next season (Spanish bank Santander will be a major sponsor for next season; Ferrari’s 2009 post-season celebration will be in Valencia, not Mugello, according to SPEEDtv), but it seems that  an offhand comment from Whitmarsh has thrown the F1 paddock, both real and online, into a silly season frenzy.  Take a deep breath, admit that Martin may not be an authority on the situation, and be prepared to see all of Spain in Scuderia red in 2010.



  1. Of course not, but didn’t Whitmarsh get exactly what Whitmarsh wanted with this? Gotta give him credit for pointing at the elephant in the room! 🙂

  2. Exactly…and I love just how offhand his comment actually was. It was in an interview about silly season and Kovalainen and he just mentions how the “Fernando-Ferrari” move would open doors for a lot of people. Not a standard interview, “do you think this will happen?” just a throwaway comment that has the entire community buzzing.

    • I just can’t stop wondering if Ron would have done the same thing if he’d wanted to cause a distraction. Or how he would have hinted at it. Any idea?

  3. Well, I don’t think Ron would have said (as Whitmarsh later did) that it was terrible to have lost Alonso. As a distraction, perhaps some commentary about Renault and the overturned suspension or a scathing comment about being at Valencia with only 45,000 seats sold and blaming Schumacher for the low turnout. Or his personal favorite whipping boy (pun possibly intended) Max Mosley.

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