Massa Hopes to Return to Racing for Brazilian GP

What Happens When Too Soon is Not Soon Enough

— According to Brazilian TV station Globo, Felipe Massa “hope[s] that [he] can be back at the Brazilian Grand Prix for [his] public, and perhaps even earlier, let’s see.”  The Brazilian continued in his interview “I don’t know if it will be possible, but I hope to be back in my home race, which is always very special to me. If the doctors here in Brazil say it is okay, I will first of all get into a kart. I hope to keep doing what I was doing before. I can hardly wait to go racing again.”

This is the most accurate portrait of when the heavily injured, but “about 85 per cent, 90 per cent recovered” Massa will return to Formula1 racing.  There has been much speculation that he would return to the grid as soon as Monza next month.  This interview suggests that that is naught but a pipe dream.  Massa will have to submit to an FIA physical and special eye examination before he can return to racing…not unlike the projected examinations Michael Schumacher would have failed had he continued his attempt to return this weekend at Valencia.

Mentally, Massa sounds perfectly healthy to return, since, “I didn’t experience the crash.  I didn’t see the part coming; I didn’t see anything. I woke up three days later, and I only know about what happened because I watched it later. I was not afraid of dying at any time.”


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  1. It’ll be good to see him back for his home GP.

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