Bernie Drops a Hint About the 2010 Calendar

What Happens When North America Has an F1 Race Again

— Residents of North America rejoice.  According to Bernie Eccelstone (and, we’re well aware of his status as Bastion of Truth), “I promise we will be in Montreal in 2010.”  Of course, we can “forget Indianapolis. We’re not going back there,” as Bernie told Swiss newspaper Motosport Aktuell. These statements remind me of two things 1. David Hobbs (former F1 driver and current F1 color commentator for SPEEDtv) likes to tell viewers to listen to what Mr. Eccelstone has to say and take the opposite as true, and 2. Tony George (with whom Bernie had a huge row over fees) is no longer the President of Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Of course, the idea that IMS would get F1 back is wishful thinking.  Its nice to dream, though.  And, having a GP in Montreal is (if true) a wonderful step forward in returning Formula 1 to the large and generally untapped market of North America.

Bernie was full of news, also saying that if Donington Park can’t deliver for an F1 race for next season, “then we will be staying in Silverstone.”

—UPDATE: Or, it could be a press ploy to force Montreal to aqueise to an “unacceptable offer,” as the interview given by Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay today might suggest, with negotionations still ongoing between F1 and the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.


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