Nelson Piquet, Jr. No Longer a Renault Driver

What Happens When Absolutely No One Is Surprised

— The F1 community is reeling.  Gobsmacked.  Stunned.  Shocked.  (are there more adjectives for “surprised”? no? ok, moving on then.)  According to F1 Fanatic, Nelson Piquet has been sacked by Renault.  The whining young Brazilian has finally lost his ride in the midst of a season filled with drama, some of it even about himself.  I’m not sure there’s much more for me to say, but if there is, I said it in this post about my love for mocking Junior.

— UPDATE to post from August 1st: Junior himself has posted official notice of his official notice of termination of contract, in a long and strongly worded diatribe against his manager and former employer, Flavio Briatore.  Piquet cites “the black years” of his career under Flav and a complete history of his racing career…back to age eight.

Rumors circulate that Nelson Piquet, Sr. may have plans to buy the soon-to-be former BMW Sauber team.  According to Brazilian news reports, Junior likes “the name Piquet Formula 1”, though I wonder who the Brazilian’s teammate there might be.  Perhaps fellow sacked-for-whining-and-underperforming former driver Sebastein Bourdais?  Or will Papa Piquet not even hire his own son?  Of course, with three weeks off, all the F1 community has to do is sit and formulate theories more (or less) outlandish than the last.


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